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Innovation and Training in Specialized Construction

AZICHEM ACCADEMY is a training program of excellence that stems from the need to provide specialized knowledge and advanced technical resources capable of responding to the needs of an ever-evolving industry such as specialized construction, devoted to solving the burdensome problems that very often, if left out, create major damage to works and health.

Training for Clients and Agents

The Azichem Academy represents a benchmark in the area of technical training for customers, agents, distributors and new resources worldwide. 
Our Technical Department is constantly on the road in order to be of support to its sales network and to the many customers who have chosen us.

Through targeted training, consisting of seminars, workshops and refresher courses, participants have the opportunity to deepen the quality, features and applications of Azichem products, thus improving their technical and commercial skills and providing the best possible service to the end customer.

This training approach makes it possible to create a network of highly qualified professionals, capable of offering innovative and customized solutions in response to the diverse needs of the market, in continuous evolution.

One aspect that differentiates Azichem from other competitor companies is the big investment in the training of its internal resources, a commitment that is also reflected in the professionalism and effectiveness of the constant service on the construction site.

This continuous investment in professional growth ensures a network of experts who are always up-to-date and ready to provide quality support even after the sale, consolidating customers' trust and enhancing their overall experience.

A central aspect of the Azichem Academy's training program is the combination of classroom theoretical training and practical tests.
This integrated approach enables participants to enter more and more detail into the world of various problems to be solved in construction, in the case in point: concrete rehabilitation, wet wall rehabilitation, cementitious, bentonite and polymer waterproofing, of resin coatings, etc. .

The theory provides the essential foundations and understanding of the basic principles, while the practical exercises allow you to apply this knowledge in real-life contexts, improving your technical skills and familiarity with the materials and techniques used. Only through focused and precise preparation can one successfully solve the many problems that arise in construction, when renovating and rehabilitating both small-scale dwellings andimportant works of public interest.

Not only that, our continuous desire to improve ourselves leads us to never stop studying and informing ourselves, making us always observe the world with the eyes of a student.  
In Azichem research and development are an unavoidable constant and the very heart of our company, aimed precisely at constant improvement.

A distinguishing element of Azichem is the collaboration with the University of Brescia
This partnership represents an ideal connection between academia and industry, offering students and researchers the opportunity to work on concrete projects in the field of building materials.  
Students can thus see and touch live the topics of their studies and research, immersing themselves in a learning environment that combines theory and practice.

Through this collaboration, Azichem not only promotes the development of innovative building solutions, but also contributes to the training of a new generation of qualified and competent professionals in the industry. Students have access to specialized knowledge and advanced technical resources, while being able to rely on constant support from our expert chemists, geologists, and engineers.

Azichem Academy and the University of Brescia, have as their common goal to encourage research and innovation in the construction industry and increase the professionalism and knowledge of experts in the field.

Through research and development projects, new technical solutions and cutting-edge materials are explored,that meet the current and future needs of the market, and our partners are certainly ready and prepared to respond to its needs with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

This integrated approach also contributes to the evolution of the construction industry, improving the quality of materials and construction techniques. 
The Academy is thus a catalyst for progress and innovation, training professionals capable of meeting the challenges and transformations of the industry with expertise and creativity and thus generating added value for the building materials industry.

Through ongoing and specialized training, both for clients and agents and for university students, Azichem helps to create a network of trained and innovative professionals ready to lead the future of construction by ensuring effective solutions and continuous support for its clients. 

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