Sanadry System: the "microcapping" for rising damp, mold and condensation problems


Sanadry System combines the qualities of a special fabric (Sanatex) with those of a thermal glue-raser of a mineral nature (Sanakoll). With a low applied thickness (of only 9 mm in total!) this microcoat is particularly suitable for solving moisture problems related to capillary rising and condensation generated on cold areas of the masonry.

In areas heavily attacked by mold, the system can be supplemented with our specific impregnation treatments, with low environmental impact (Consilex Muffa Cleaner + Consilex Muffa Remover), which quickly and permanently remove biological patinas.

The microcaulk must, then, be finished with breathable paints or plasters, which allow a good degree of water vapor transmission.

Our thermal paints based on potassium silicates (Sanaxil P Therm) or siloxane (Protech Sil P-Therm) or acrylic (Protech AC-P Therm), represent the optimal system finish, as they contribute to further improving the breathability of the wall organism, energy savings and environmental well-being.

The special configuration of the Sanadry system, thanks to its equivalent thermal conductivity, water vapor breathability and liquid water transmission brake values, promotes room healthiness and energy savings, making surfaces warmer in winter, cooler in summer and insulated from moisture.

The Sanadry system is an innovative, multilayer, low-thickness solution that, in just 9 mm, allows the protection and thermal insulation of walls and facades, enabling the recovery, preservation and improvement of the well-being of living spaces. The system is lightweight, flexible, easily applied and ideal for restoration or renovation work.

The Sanadry system improves energy efficiency and restores exterior and interior walls even where there are complex surfaces or volumetric constraints, without inconvenience to the home occupant.

  • It does not require joints because it mates with all surfaces easily and perfectly.
  • It does not require plaster removal or dowel fixings, making application fast, easy and safe for system applicators.
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