Tiled terraces, balconies, and stairs: how to address and solve the problem of water infiltration with Protech Balcony


Tiled terraces, balconies, and stairs are architectural elements that enrich living spaces and enhance the aesthetics of homes.

However, one of the most common problems that can plague these surfaces is water infiltration.

This inconvenience not only damages the aesthetic appearance of the tiles, but can also cause serious structural damage if neglected for a long time.

Causes of water infiltration

  1. Unprotected joints
    Joints between tiles represent vulnerable points where water can infiltrate. Lack of adequate protection can lead to the formation of structural decay, dustiness, cracks and fissures, allowing water to penetrate into the underlying materials.
  2. Inadequate Waterproofing
    Proper waterproofing is essential to prevent water infiltration. If the waterproof coating is damaged or absent, water can seep through first the coating and then the concrete or other underlying materials.
  3. Inadequate Slope
    Insufficient slope can cause water to stagnate on surfaces, increasing the risk of seepage. Proper tilting allows the liquid to drain properly, reducing the load on the tiles.
  4. Wear and Aging
    Over time, tiles, joints and plaster can wear or deteriorate, creating spaces through which water can penetrate.

The affordable solution: Protech Balcony from Azichem

To effectively address the problem of water infiltration on terraces, balconies and tiled stairs, a reliable solution is Azichem's Protech Balcony.

It is a non-film transparent waterproofing agent that provides lasting protection against water infiltration and ensures maximum resistance to weathering, without having to demolish the existing flooring.

Advantages of Protech Balcony

  1. Smart waterproofing: Protech Balcony forms an impermeable layer that prevents water penetration, thus protecting the surfaces underneath.
  2. Durable: Its special formulation allows perfect adaptability to thermal variations without creating cracks, ensuring durability.
  3. Easy application: Protech Balcony can be applied directly to the existing surface, simplifying the renovation process and offering a cost-effective solution without demolishing the existing flooring.
  4. Long-term protection: Due to its weather resistance, Protech Balcony offers long-term protection, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Addressing water infiltration on terraces, balconies, and tiled stairs in a timely manner is essential to preserve the beauty and durability of these architectural elements.

With Azichem's Protech Balcony, you can enjoy flawless outdoor spaces that are protected from the damaging effects of moisture.

Find out all the details about components and application by clicking https://www.protech-balcony.it/

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