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We are Azichem, since 1987 active in the research, development, production and marketing of products and innovative technologies for construction and green building such as mortars, plasters, resinsadditives, sodium bentonite sheets and waterstops, fibers for concrete and much more!

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Our product lines

Products for stopping water infiltration and waterproofing construction work
Products for new homes and the rehabilitation and maintenance of residential buildings
Products for the construction and/or rehabilitation of concrete floors and screeds
Products for industrial, infrastructure and large-scale construction
Products for restoration, consolidation, dehumidification and thermal insulation
Products for green building, ecological renovation, thermal insulation and energy saving
Azichem's vision is dedicated to experimentation, process optimization, and environmental impact reduction, meeting numerous construction needs and operating across all market segments. Our catalog includes around 350 products developed within our research and development center to bring innovation, efficiency, and eco-compatibility to the construction and bio-construction sectors. We offer next-generation solutions for consolidating civil and industrial structures, effective even for large infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, dams, and viaducts. Special product lines for the reinforcement and restoration of historic buildings, monuments, and structures affected by wear. Solutions for surface or deep waterproofing of structures, dehumidification, and immediate cessation of water infiltrations. Additives and fibers for concrete and much more!

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