Floor Level


If you are looking for a 'level' that will make your work easier, faster and without headaches, then look no further: Floor Level is here for you, a true 'self-levelling structural cement mortar'.

With its easy mixing, perfect flowability and self-levelling characteristics, Floor Level simplifies every step of the laying process. Thanks to its advanced formula, you can achieve flawless flatness in the blink of an eye.

The fine grain size of the silicate aggregate ensures a smooth and even surface, while READYMESH technology, fibre-reinforced with special anti-cracking glass microfilaments, with its high zirconium content, guarantees exceptional dimensional stability and gives the product superior strength. Floor Level is also additivated with shrinkage-compensators.

But that's not all! For the most demanding situations, we also offer Floor Level SFR, enhanced with Readymesh MR-060 anti-oxidising brass-coated metal microfibres for even better performance.

Floor Level's versatility knows no limits: thanks to its highly flexible powder adhesive, it adheres to a wide range of substrates without compromising its self-levelling properties and water vapour permeability.

And don't forget Floor Level's fast drying time! After just 4-5 hours at 20°C, the floor is walkable, allowing rapid progress and anticipation of the next steps.

Choose Floor Level for perfect flatness, faster processing and superior results. Reach new heights of perfection with Floor Level!

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