Spectacular swimming pool at 'Masseria San Paolo Grande' built with Osmocem D


Another beautiful reference of which we are proud: the swimming pool of the Masseria San Paolo Grande in Ostuni, entirely waterproofed with our white OSMOCEM D.

In this little corner of paradise, the pool was carved out of its natural rock so that it was in perfect harmony with its surroundings and the pool was nothing more than a natural extension of the garden surrounding the masseria.

We chose to apply Osmocem D because it achieves adhesion to the substrates by mechanical adhesion and osmotic diffusion.
It is also effective in conditions of negative hydrostatic thrust (counterthrust) and is also applicable as a coating in roof gardens and planters as it resists the mechanical action of roots.

Its key feature is its ability to stop infiltration by waterproofing the environment, and it performs so well that it is compatible for contact with foodstuffs: it has obtained the certificate of suitability for the containment of foodstuffs and drinking water, according to Directive 98/83/EC.

In this reference we see it in its white variant to further enhance the pool and make the water shine in the sunlight.

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