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Repar Tix HG SB

Structural, thixotropic, fibre-reinforced cement mortar, for spritz beton

Thixotropic, structural, fibre reinforced cement mortar, with compensated shrinkage, with high intrinsic water tightness, and extraordinary physical and mechanical characteristics: adhesion, compression resistance, flexural strength, abrasion resistance, etc. Perfect for remediation of structural works and articles in degraded concrete and very high-performance coatings. Repar Tix HG SB, in addition to normal manual application techniques, it is a structural mortar specially formulated for applications with pumping/spray machines (wet spritz-beton technique). Particularly optimized parameters are: rheology, thixotropy and workability of the product, which allow spraying operations with reduced wear of the mechanical parts and little waste on the ground.
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    Obtained Certifications and Regulations
    EN 1504-3
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    Linea prodotto Infratech
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    Concrete Repar
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    Repar Tix HG SB

    Rheoplastic, thixotropic, structural, composite cement mortar, based on special cements and selected siliceous aggregates, reinforced with a balanced mixture of READYMESH polypropylene fibres and calcium metasilicate microfibres, added with specific agents and a high content of silica fume. After hardening, it provides very high performance in terms of intrinsic water tightness, resistance to washing and hydrolysing, mechanical strength, abrasion and cavitation, anti-carbonation, chemical-physical stability, resistance to harsh atmospheric agents and to leaching water. It has three-dimensional fibre-reinforcement, provides high hold; it is dimensionally stable (compensated shrinkage). The product can be supplied in mono-component or two-component version. The product, in the monocomponent version, is mixed with water (approx. 16% of the weight of the bag). In the two-component version, the product is mixed by adding the 4.5 kg of component B. The two-component version increases adhesion to the support and reduces free shrinkage to air, especially in the initial hardening phases and in particularly hot climates, without modifying the physical-mechanical characteristics of the end product.
    Fields of application
    Repairs and protective coatings of hydraulic works (pipelines, dams, tunnels etc.), marine structures and artefacts in critical situations: aggressive chemical-physical agents, leaching water, marine atmosphere, etc. Specific for shotcrete interventions in galleries, tunnels, rock walls, irrigation and hydraulic channels, piles and micropiles, diaphragms, etc.
    Allowed supports
    Prefabricated concrete
    Mixed walls (bricks and stones)
    Stone walls
    Rock walls
    Preparation of supports
    Application surfaces should be clean, free of soiling, crumbling and non-adhering parts, dust, etc., conveniently saturated with water until they reach the condition "saturated with dry surface". An adequate roughening of the surfaces by scarifying, sandblasting etc. is always necessary in order to obtain the maximum adhesion values to the substrate. The optimal values are obtained with high pressure hydro-scarification. Bare the irons undergoing disruptive oxidation or deeply oxidized, removing the rust of the exposed irons (by sandblasting or abrasive brushes).
    Mode of use
    The use of pumping/spraying machines specifically designed to be used with fibre-reinforced structural mortars is recommended. For the spraying of structural mortars such as Repar Tix HG SB, an effective and sometimes prolonged mixing of the product, which must take place upstream of the pumping circuit, is always recommended. For this reason, the use of “plaster sprayers” with volumetric water dosage is not recommended.
    Pour about 2/3 of the mixing water into the mixer, add Repar Tix HG SB and the remaining water; continue to mix until a homogeneous lump-free mixture is obtained. The mixing water should be about 16% of the weight of the bag. Addition of Bond HG to the mixing water, (approx. 0.5 litres per 25kg bag of product) in the single component version, allows further improvement in terms of adhesion, hold, impermeability, workability, modelling and deformation capacity. In the case of use of the product in the two-component version, pour component B (liquid) into the mixer, gradually adding component A (powder) and mixing until the lumps are completely eliminated. For high coating thicknesses, static requirements, monolithic requirements, etc., performed with Repar Tix HG SB, it is advisable to use suitable metal reinforcements (electro-welded mesh, cages, etc.), anchored to the support with Syntech Profix, GROUT MICROJ, Repar Tix G2.

    Application methods
    Brick trowel
    Finishing trowel
    Tool cleaning
    Key features
    Highlighted product
    Highlighted product
    Max. recommended thickness
    Max. recommended thickness: 40 mm
    Maximum diameter of aggregate
    Maximum diameter of aggregate: 1.5 mm
    Min. recommended thickness
    Min. recommended thickness: 7 mm
    Mix with water
    Mix with water: 16 %
    Pot-life: > 40 min
    Shelf-life: 12 months
    Temperature of use
    Temperature of use: +5 / +32 °C
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Technical specifications

    Compressive strength after 1 day
    UNI EN 12190

    > 22 N/mm²

    Compressive strength after 7 days
    UNI EN 12190

    > 40 N/mm²

    Compressive strength after 28 days
    UNI EN 12190

    ≥ 55 N/mm²

    Compressive strength after 90 days
    UNI EN 12190

    > 60 N/mm²

    Flexural strength at 1 day
    UNI EN 196/1

    5.0 N/mm²

    Flexural strength after 7 days
    UNI EN 196/1

    > 7 N/mm²

    Flexural strength after 28 days
    UNI EN 196/1

    ≥ 8.5 N/mm²

    Resistance to carbonatation
    UNI EN 13295

    0.5 mm

    Skid resistance
    UNI EN 13036-4

    61.0 mm

    Chloride content
    UNI EN 1015-17

    < 0.01 %

    Determination of thermal compatibility
    UNI EN 13687-1

    ≥ 2 N/mm²

    Static elastic modulus
    EN 13142

    26000 N/mm²

    Contrasted expansion with air curing for 1 day
    UNI 8147

    > 0.01 %

    Reaction to fire
    EN 13501-1


    Water/binder ratio

    < 0.37

    Bonding force
    UNI EN 1015-12

    ≥ 2 N/mm²

    < 70 μg/m³

    UNI EN 1015-6

    2160 kg/m³

    Capillary absorption
    UNI EN 13057

    0.30 kg•h^0.5/m²


    > 12
    Approximately 18,5 kg/m² of Repar Tix HG SB for every centimetre of thickness to be implemented (approximately 1850 kg per cubic metre).
    Available colors
    Packaging and dimensions
    Bag 25 kg
    Pallet: 50 x (Bag 25 kg)
    Storage and conservation
    Store the product in its original packing, in a fresh and dry environment, avoiding frost and direct sunlight.
    Additional content

    The general information, along with any instructions and recommendations for use of this product, including in this data sheet and eventually provided verbally or in writing, correspond to the present state of our scientific and practical knowledge.
    Any technical and performance data reported is the result of laboratory tests conducted in a controlled environment and thus may be subject to modification in relation to the actual conditions of implementation.

    Azichem Srl does not assume any liability arising from inadequate characteristics related to improper use of the product or connected to defects arising from factors or elements unrelated to the quality of the product, including improper storage.
    Those wishing to utilise the product are required to determine prior to use whether or not the same is suitable for the intended use, assuming all consequent responsibility.

    The technical and characteristic details contained in this data sheet shall be updated periodically. For consultation in real time, please visit the website: The date of revision is indicated in the space to the side. The current edition cancels out and replaces any previous version.

    Please note that the user is required to read the latest Safety Data Sheet for this product, containing chemical-physical and toxicological data, risk phrases and other information regarding the safe transport, use and disposal of the product and its packaging. For consultation, please visit:
    It is forbidden to dispose of the product and/or packaging in the environment.
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