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Armaglass Structura 66

Monolithic, preformed, glass fiber mesh, 66x66 mm mesh

Monolithic GFRP mesh made with glass yarn bars and pultruded epoxy resin. The bars are intertwined with each other through a stitching thread, using a unique technology that allows the formation of joints between the longitudinal and transverse bars with high mechanical resistance. The epoxy resin guarantees the mesh high dimensional stability, alkali resistance and improves the mechanical characteristics. The composite has large square meshes, the size of which is ideal for use with CRM mortars.
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    ETA - 23/0854
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    Armaglass Structura 66

    Armaglass Structura 66 combines lightness and reduced thickness with excellent mechanical characteristics in the warp and weft. It resists atmospheric agents and aggressive environments, giving durability to the composite systems in which it is used. Suitable for any support and perfectly compatible with both cement-based and lime-based mortars.


    • Easy installation
    • Lightness, reduced thicknesses
    • High mechanical performance
    • Durability
    • Stainless
    • Radiolucency
    • Zero electrical conductivity

    Fields of application

    The Armaglass Structura 66 fiberglass mesh, combined with our lime-based mortars (Intosana, Unisan) or cementitious (REPAR line) and Armaglass Connector GFRP connectors, is used for the reinforcement of masonry and concrete structures through the reinforced plaster technique (CRM system: Composite Reinforced Mortar). The mesh is a component of our RINFOR SYSTEM systems, which also include GFRP corners, gussets and connectors.
    The mesh can also be used as reinforcement for collaborating caps, screeds, restorations with structural mortars on reinforced concrete structures (tunnel linings, port quays, pillars, piles, etc.), especially when located in aggressive environments (marine aerosols, salts de-icers etc.).

    Allowed supports
    Cement-based or lime-based mortars
    Mixed walls (bricks and stones)
    Stone walls
    Porphyry and natural stones
    Lime and lime-cement plasters and mortars
    Preparation of supports

    To prepare the support, carefully follow what is indicated in the technical data sheets of the mortar with which the Armaglass Structura 66 mesh is combined.

    Mode of use

    For CRM reinforced plastering interventions:

    Cutting the net
    Unroll to the required length and preliminarily cut the mesh with a cutting hose with a diamond blade or tinsmith's shears. During the unrolling and handling of the rolls of net, be careful not to damage the net.

    Application of the CRM System
    Removal of existing plaster or concrete cover and all deteriorated parts. Saturate the support with low pressure water, apply if necessary (due to the conditions of the masonry, the type of mortar used or the thickness of the reinforcement) a rough coat of mortar, manually or with a plastering machine and leave the surface unfinished.
    Place the Armaglass Structura 66 mesh on the surface of the masonry to be reinforced. At the overlaps, overlap the mesh bands by at least 15 cm.
    GFRP Armaglass Connectors, with improved adhesion and 8mm diameter, are used as connection elements of the reinforcement system. Before installation, mark their arrangement on the support beforehand. Use a rotary drill to make holes with a diameter of 12 mm to house the connector (if working on one side only, the hole must be pushed deep to at least 2/3 of the thickness of the wall). Before inserting the connector into the hole, position the Armaglass Grid 66 GFRP distribution gusset which will be blocked against the mesh during the grouting phase of the connector. Carry out a thorough cleaning of the hole and grout the connector with chemical anchor (Syntech Profix or Syntech Fix EP).
    Proceed with spraying or throwing the mortar, in one or more hands. The mortar will entirely cover the GFRP elements with a total thickness according to the design documents. In order to guarantee the structural continuity of the reinforcement system in correspondence with all corner areas (openings, etc.), apply Armaglass Corner 66 GFRP corner piece.

    In case of intervention on both faces, two connectors will be inserted, one long and one short (the relative lengths must be chosen according to the thickness of the masonry). Make the 12 mm through hole. At the face where the short connector will be inserted and where the two connectors will overlap, enlarge the hole until reaching a total diameter of the hole equal to approximately 22-24 mm. The overlap between the connectors must be at least 11 cm long. After drilling the holes, carefully clean them with compressed air and inject chemical anchor based on Syntech Fix EP epoxy resin. Before inserting the connectors into the holes, always position GFRP Armaglass Grid 66 distribution gussets which will be blocked against the mesh during the grouting phase of the connectors. Proceed with spraying or throwing the mortar, in one or more hands. The mortar will entirely cover the GFRP elements with a total thickness according to the design documents.

    During the mortar curing phase, protect it from thermal stress and conditions of strong evaporation. It is always advisable to cure the mortar in a humid environment for at least 48-72 hours.

    Application methods
    Apply by hand
    Key features
    Lenght: 50 m
    Unlimited shelf-life
    Unlimited shelf-life
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Width: 2 m
    Technical specifications

    Mesh size

    66 x 66 mm

    Number of weft threads

    15 nr/m

    Number of warp threads

    15 nr/m

    Unit weight

    450 g/m²
    Two-way texture
    Alkali-resistant material

    Nominal diameter of single strand (warp)
    CNR-DT 203/2006

    3 mm

    Nominal diameter of single strand (weft)
    CNR-DT 203/2006

    3 mm

    Nominal Area of Fibers (Weft)
    CNR-DT 200/2004 CNR-DT 203/2006

    4.5 mm²

    Nominal Area of Fibers (Warp)
    CNR-DT 200/2004 CNR-DT 203/2006

    4.5 mm²

    Nominal area of single strand (weft)
    CNR-DT 203/2006

    7.07 mm²

    Nominal area of single strand (warp)
    CNR-DT 203/2006

    7.07 mm²

    ISO 11667:1997E

    75 %

    Fiber density
    ISO 1183-1:2004E

    2.6 g/cm³

    Density of the matrix
    ISO 1183-1:2004E

    1.2 g/cm³

    Average tensile load for single bar
    EAD 340392-00-0104 ISO 10406-1:2015

    5.8 kN

    Average tensile load per unit length
    EAD 340392-00-0104 ISO 10406-1:2015

    87 kN/m

    Strain at break, characteristic value
    EAD 340392-00-0104 ISO 10406-1:2015

    1.96 %

    Tensile elastic modulus, average value
    EAD 340392-00-0104 ISO 10406-1:2015

    40.1 GPa

    Tensile strength, characteristic value
    EAD 340392-00-0104 ISO 10406-1:2015

    724 MPa

    Use 1.15 m2/m2 of Armaglass Structura 66: the adjacent sheets of fiberglass mesh must be overlapped along the edges by at least 15 cm.

    Available colors
    Packaging and dimensions
    Roll 100 m²
    Storage and conservation
    Store the product in its original packing, in a fresh and dry environment, avoiding frost and direct sunlight.
    The general information, along with any instructions and recommendations for use of this product, including in this data sheet and eventually provided verbally or in writing, correspond to the present state of our scientific and practical knowledge.
    Any technical and performance data reported is the result of laboratory tests conducted in a controlled environment and thus may be subject to modification in relation to the actual conditions of implementation.

    Azichem Srl does not assume any liability arising from inadequate characteristics related to improper use of the product or connected to defects arising from factors or elements unrelated to the quality of the product, including improper storage.
    Those wishing to utilise the product are required to determine prior to use whether or not the same is suitable for the intended use, assuming all consequent responsibility.

    The technical and characteristic details contained in this data sheet shall be updated periodically. For consultation in real time, please visit the website: The date of revision is indicated in the space to the side. The current edition cancels out and replaces any previous version.

    Please note that the user is required to read the latest Safety Data Sheet for this product, containing chemical-physical and toxicological data, risk phrases and other information regarding the safe transport, use and disposal of the product and its packaging. For consultation, please visit:
    It is forbidden to dispose of the product and/or packaging in the environment.

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