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Syntech HAG Acryl

Low viscosity acrylic injection resin for sealing cracks

Syntech HAG Acryl is a four-component resin that reacts to form an elastic and durable gel. The properties of Syntech HAG Acryl are: • Good general chemical resistance. • Does not contain acrylamide, methacrylamide, formaldehyde or solvents. • Not inflammable. • Excellent adhesion on mineral building materials such as concrete, cement and bricks. • The reaction speed can be adjusted from a few seconds to several minutes. • When the injected cracks dry out due to temperature or groundwater level fluctuations the gel does not crack easily. • The hardened gel has excellent durability in wet-dry cycles.
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    Syntech HAG
    Features and benefits
    Where it is used
    How to use
    Technical data
    Warnings and precautions

    Syntech HAG Acryl

    Syntech HAG Acryl components are supplied ready to use.
    Create 2 mixes in separate plastic buckets. Prepare only the quantity to be used each time.
    Solution 1: Syntech HAG Acryl component A (25 kg resin) mixed with Syntech HAG Acryl component B (2.5 kg catalyst).
    Solution 2: Syntech HAG Acryl component C (2 packs of 0.625 kg) mixed with clean tap water.

    The amount of water must be equal in volume to solution 1.
    When mixing resin, always use a wooden or stainless steel spatula.

    • The reaction time depends on the temperature of the material, the structure of the building and the possible amount of water present. Higher temperature will speed up the reaction time and lower temperature will slow it down.
    • It is advisable to carry out an on-site test, before injection, to observe and define the reaction time.
    • To change the reaction time, only adjust the amount of Syntech HAG Acryl component C. The amount of the other components remains the same.
    • Use a two-component stainless steel pump (manual, electric or pneumatic).
    • Check that the pump and equipment are clean and that there is no residue from previous injection work.
    • The two mixtures are fed into the pump separately, but are mixed homogeneously at a volumetric ratio of 1:1 in the pump's mixing head, before being injected through the pump nozzle.
    • Check the quality of the concrete, as injection involves pressure.

    Fields of application
    • Sealing and waterproofing of cracks and cavities in walls, floors, concrete constructions, underground structures, etc.
    • It can be used in constructions that are not permanently in contact with water (fluctuating groundwater level).
    • Injection of very fine cracks.

    Allowed supports
    Rock walls
    Porphyry and natural stones
    Preparation of supports

    Determine the type and size of packers based on your pump and injection type. If reinforcing steel is present, try to locate it and plan the drilling pattern so that the reinforcement is not drilled. Drill holes at an angle of approximately 45° or less and in the direction of the crack. Make sure the hole goes through the crack.
    The distance of the drilled holes depends on the width of the crack. Place the packer in the hole.

    Mode of use

    Prepare the pump to start the injection. The injection pressure varies depending on the structure and size of the crack. Start the injection at the lowest point of the crack. Continue injecting until resin flows out of adjacent packer(s). This is necessary to achieve uniform distribution of the material.
    Stop pumping, unplug and move on to the next packer. Continue the procedure until the crack is completely filled.
    After the material has cured, the packers can be removed. Holes drilled can be covered with Repar Tix Speedy HP quick-setting mortar. Clean and rinse the pump equipment with water whenever there is a stoppage longer than 15 minutes and, after completing the injection, rinse with a sufficient amount of water. Make sure the pump is clean and stop only when clean water comes out of the pump.

    Application methods
    Tool cleaning
    Key features
    Shelf-life: 6 months
    Temperature of use
    Temperature of use: +5 / +30 °C
    Use wearing protective glasses
    Use wearing protective glasses
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Technical specifications

    Longitudinal elongation at break

    > 50 %

    Expansion capacity to 7 days

    +150 %

    Reaction completed after

    24 - 72 s


    19 mPas
    Resistant to freezing/thawing cycles in the presence of salts/chlorides


    6.5 - 8

    1.10 g/cm³

    The consumption of the product depends on the size of the empty volume to be filled.

    Available colors
    Packaging and dimensions
    Can 25 kg [A]
    Plastic can 2.5 kg [B]
    Canister 0.625 kg [C]
    Canister 0.625 kg [D]
    Kit: 1 Can 25 kg [A] + 1 Plastic can 2.5 kg [B] + 1 Canister 0.625 kg [C] + 1 Canister 0.625 kg [D]
    Storage and conservation
    Protect from freezing.

    The material must be stored at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C to prevent the shelf life of the product from deteriorating over time. Keep away from heat and sunlight, in a dark and dry place.

    The general information, along with any instructions and recommendations for use of this product, including in this data sheet and eventually provided verbally or in writing, correspond to the present state of our scientific and practical knowledge.
    Any technical and performance data reported is the result of laboratory tests conducted in a controlled environment and thus may be subject to modification in relation to the actual conditions of implementation.

    Azichem Srl does not assume any liability arising from inadequate characteristics related to improper use of the product or connected to defects arising from factors or elements unrelated to the quality of the product, including improper storage.
    Those wishing to utilise the product are required to determine prior to use whether or not the same is suitable for the intended use, assuming all consequent responsibility.

    The technical and characteristic details contained in this data sheet shall be updated periodically. For consultation in real time, please visit the website: The date of revision is indicated in the space to the side. The current edition cancels out and replaces any previous version.

    Please note that the user is required to read the latest Safety Data Sheet for this product, containing chemical-physical and toxicological data, risk phrases and other information regarding the safe transport, use and disposal of the product and its packaging. For consultation, please visit:
    It is forbidden to dispose of the product and/or packaging in the environment.

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