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Protech Flex

Polyurethane sealant in a cartridge with a high modulus of elasticity

A single-component, moisture-curing and fast-hardening polyurethane sealant with a medium-to-high modulus of elasticity, remaining permanently elastic yet with high surface hardness and being tear- and weather-resistance and paintable. Ideal for the deformable sealing of expansion joints on terraces and balconies, for filling joints on prefabricated walls and on wooden, steel, aluminium, copper and plastic materials along with plasters and so on.
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    Protech Flex

    - Free from solvents, PVC, halogenated compounds, odourless.
    - Permanently elastic, high resistance to raging and to the atmosphere.
    - Free of shrinkage and dimensionally stable.
    - High thixotropy: it does not drip and does not create burrs. Easy workability.
    - It is not sticky and does not accumulate dust and dirt.
    - Over-paintable after polymerisation has been completed.

    Fields of application
    The high versatility and excellent adhesion to different media make Protech Flex the most suitable adhesive sealant for flooring and roofing joints made of concrete, wood products, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, galvanized steel sheets, copper, plastics, etc.
    Allowed supports
    Cement-based or lime-based mortars
    Prefabricated concrete
    Metal surfaces
    Floor screed
    Preparation of supports
    The application supports must be perfectly clean and dry, free from dust and soiling. Preliminarily treating the side walls of the joint with the appropriate primer single-component polyurethane Protech Flex Primer.

    It is appropriate to provide for inserting into the joint, whatever its nature, the specific foamed polyethylene kerb Filtene Fondogiunto, of the appropriate size to the joint to be sealed.

    Prepare an easily removable paper ribbon (coachbuilder ribbon type) on both sides of the joint, in order to prevent the sealant overflowing outside of the natural seating of the joint.

    Mode of use
    Slowly and carefully extrude the sealant from the cartridge in the specially prepared seat of the joint, with the appropriate gun (of the type for silicone). Before the total hardening of the sealant, spread it to the brim with spatula on the surface of the joint. After hardening, remove the adhesive tape.

    Clean any product overflows from the seat of the joint with suitable solvents (like acetone or Nitro thinner).

    Application methods
    Apply by hand
    Dispensing gun
    Tool cleaning
    Nitro thinner
    Key features
    Density: 1.30 (± 0.05) g/cm³
    Shelf-life: 12 months
    Temperature of use
    Temperature of use: +5 / +35 °C
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Use wearing protective gloves
    Technical specifications

    Static elastic modulus
    DIN 53504

    0.6 N/mm²

    Touch hardening at 20°C
    a 20°C

    60 min

    DIN 53505 - Shore A


    Dry residue
    10’ a 150°C

    ≥95 %

    Breaking load longitudinal
    DIN 53504

    1.5 N/mm²

    Working temperature

    -40/+80 °C

    Longitudinal elongation at break
    DIN 53504

    ≥300 %

    Complete hardening at 20°C
    a 20°C

    24 h
    Indicative consumption with a 300 cc Protech Flex cartridge: 5x2,5 mm joint = 20 linear metres; 10x5 mm joint = 6 linear metres; 15x7,5 mm joint = 2,5 linear metres; 20x10 mm joint = 1.5 linear metres
    Available colors
    Packaging and dimensions
    Cartridge 600 cc
    Cartridge 300 cc
    Box: 12 x (Cartridge 300 cc)
    Box: 20 x (Cartridge 600 cc)
    Storage and conservation
    Protect from freezing.
    Additional content

    Carry out preliminary adhesion and compatibility tests of paints in case of subsequently painting the sealant.

    It is good practice for the depth of the sealing section not to exceed half the width of the joint. To this end, the depth will be determined by the placement of Filtene Fondogiunto.The general information, along with any instructions and recommendations for use of this product, including in this data sheet and eventually provided verbally or in writing, correspond to the present state of our scientific and practical knowledge.
    Any technical and performance data reported is the result of laboratory tests conducted in a controlled environment and thus may be subject to modification in relation to the actual conditions of implementation.

    Azichem Srl does not assume any liability arising from inadequate characteristics related to improper use of the product or connected to defects arising from factors or elements unrelated to the quality of the product, including improper storage.
    Those wishing to utilise the product are required to determine prior to use whether or not the same is suitable for the intended use, assuming all consequent responsibility.

    The technical and characteristic details contained in this data sheet shall be updated periodically. For consultation in real time, please visit the website: The date of revision is indicated in the space to the side. The current edition cancels out and replaces any previous version.

    Please note that the user is required to read the latest Safety Data Sheet for this product, containing chemical-physical and toxicological data, risk phrases and other information regarding the safe transport, use and disposal of the product and its packaging. For consultation, please visit:
    It is forbidden to dispose of the product and/or packaging in the environment.
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