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Armaband TNT

Non-woven polypropylene fabric for waterproof membrane reinforcement

Non-woven polypropylene fabric for the reinforcement, during the application phase, of liquid waterproofing membranes. ARMABAND TNT can be applied both horizontally and vertically, on all surfaces to be waterproofed that are potentially subject to deformation and settlement, or when the risk of cracking is greater. Its use minimizes the risk of the formation of microcracks and cracks which can compromise the seal of the membrane. Particularly suitable for use in the overlaps between the wall and the floor or in potential critical points.
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    Features and benefits
    Where it is used
    How to use
    Technical data
    Warnings and precautions

    Armaband TNT

    • Improves the tensile and puncture resistance of liquid waterproofing systems
    • It improves the elastic and mechanical characteristics of the waterproofing products in which it is inserted
    • Good elasticity: significantly increases elongation at break and crack-bridging power
    • It distributes tensile forces over a larger surface area, significantly reducing the risk of cracking
    • Anti-alkaline fabric, does not decompose, resists temperature variations
    • Ideal for surfaces with irregular geometries, easy to cut and shape as needed to treat single and particular points
    • Lightweight and easy to install product
    • Resistant to acids and alkaline solutions
    • Longitudinal and transversal tensile strength; permeable to water, steam and air

    Fields of application
    • Elastic armor of liquid waterproofing membranes
    • Application both horizontally and vertically on roofs, terraces, flat roofs, balconies, roofs, walls, tubs, tanks, swimming pools, floors etc.
    • Reinforcement of the waterproofing layer in critical points such as edges, joints, cracks, corners, horizontal-vertical connections

    Preparation of supports

    Prepare the support surfaces as indicated in the technical data sheets of the liquid waterproofing products that will impregnate ARMABAND TNT.

    Mode of use

    Prepare the rolls according to the surface to be treated. For specific applications it is possible to easily cut and shape the product with scissors, blade or cutter.
    Apply the chosen waterproofing product in the indicated and recommended thickness to the center of the connection or critical point to be treated, then lay ARMABAND TNT by compressing it with a metal bubble-breaking roller, a trowel or a smooth spatula, checking that the non-woven fabric is completely embedded in the membrane and ensuring perfect wetting. For perimeter applications, on floor-wall or wall-wall connections, position ARMABAND TNT symmetrically to cover the corner, drowning the strip in the waterproofing product.
    Wait for the first layer of applied product to dry completely, then proceed with the application of the second uniform coat to completely cover the ARMABAND TNT non-woven fabric. Overlaps between two different strips must be carried out with an overlap of no less than 5 cm.
    In case of rain between the application of the first and second coat, allow the non-woven fabric to dry completely before applying the second layer.

    Application methods
    Apply by hand
    Key features
    Lenght: 50 m
    Thickness: 0.3 mm
    Unlimited shelf-life
    Unlimited shelf-life
    Width: 20 cm
    Technical specifications

    Extension break longitudinal
    EDANA 20.2-89

    > 40 %

    Resistance to longitudinal and transverse tearing
    EDANA 70.4-99

    ≥ 55 N/5cm

    Extension break lateral
    EDANA 20.2-89

    > 45 %

    EDANA 20.2-89

    ≥ 110 N/5cm

    Unit weight
    EN ISO 9864

    60 g/m²

    EDANA 20.2-89

    ≥ 105 N/5cm
    Available colors
    Packaging and dimensions
    Roll 50 m
    Storage and conservation
    Store in a covered and sheltered place.

    Do not apply on surfaces that are not adequately prepared and respect the overapplication times indicated in the technical data sheets of the products used for waterproofing. Lay out the fabric well to avoid creasing.

    The general information, along with any instructions and recommendations for use of this product, including in this data sheet and eventually provided verbally or in writing, correspond to the present state of our scientific and practical knowledge.
    Any technical and performance data reported is the result of laboratory tests conducted in a controlled environment and thus may be subject to modification in relation to the actual conditions of implementation.

    Azichem Srl does not assume any liability arising from inadequate characteristics related to improper use of the product or connected to defects arising from factors or elements unrelated to the quality of the product, including improper storage.
    Those wishing to utilise the product are required to determine prior to use whether or not the same is suitable for the intended use, assuming all consequent responsibility.

    The technical and characteristic details contained in this data sheet shall be updated periodically. For consultation in real time, please visit the website: The date of revision is indicated in the space to the side. The current edition cancels out and replaces any previous version.

    Please note that the user is required to read the latest Safety Data Sheet for this product, containing chemical-physical and toxicological data, risk phrases and other information regarding the safe transport, use and disposal of the product and its packaging. For consultation, please visit:
    It is forbidden to dispose of the product and/or packaging in the environment.
    Technical Documentation

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