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Seismic and Sismabonus

When it comes to building or renovating buildings with seismic criteria, the quality of the materials used is crucial. Azichem, renowned for its high-quality products in the construction sector, offers innovative and reliable solutions for the seismic safety of buildings. 

We constantly invest in research and development to offer cutting-edge solutions. The company uses advanced technologies and innovative materials to ensure products that not only meet but exceed the safety and quality standards required in seismic constructions. Azichem offers a wide range of specific products for seismic safety, including mortars, consolidating grouts, chemical anchors, nets, connectors, and structural accessories in stainless steel, basalt, and pultruded fiberglass. This variety allows for finding the right solution for every type of intervention, whether on new buildings or existing structures.
Certified Quality: The products are certified according to the most stringent regulations, ensuring excellent and durable performance. The certification ensures that the materials used comply with European and international safety standards, offering a guarantee of reliability for customers.

Azichem Solutions for Seismic Safety

1. Reinforcement of Existing Structures: Azichem offers effective solutions for reinforcing existing structures. For example, fiber-reinforced structural mortars, pourable or thixotropic, can be used to consolidate load-bearing elements in masonry and reinforced concrete, significantly improving their seismic resistance.

2. Consolidation Systems: Azichem's consolidation systems include FRP composite materials, basalt connectors, glass, and helical stainless steel bars, special mortars with high fracture energy, all specifically designed to reinforce reinforced concrete and masonry structures. These systems increase the load-bearing capacity of structures, making them more resistant to seismic events.

3. Solutions for New Constructions: For new constructions, Azichem offers a range of products designed to ensure that buildings are inherently earthquake-resistant. High-performance mortars and special concretes allow for the creation of structures with optimal seismic capacity from the outset.

4. Waterproofing and Protection: Protecting structures against moisture and other atmospheric agents is essential to maintain the integrity of materials over time. Azichem offers waterproofing products that protect structures from water infiltration, preserving their resistance and durability.

Azichem products are designed to last over time, ensuring that seismic safety and retrofit interventions are effective in the long term. This durability translates into lower maintenance and repair costs over the years. Our solutions are designed to be efficient and easy to apply. This allows for reduced intervention times and associated labor costs, making safety projects more affordable. Azichem pays great attention to environmental sustainability, using materials and production processes that minimize environmental impact. 

With the support of the Sismabonus, investing in these solutions becomes not only possible but also economically advantageous. Building the future on solid foundations is a choice that pays off over time, ensuring safety and peace of mind for everyone. 

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