Two-component urethane in cartridge for quick repairs of concrete

Code: FLR.0327

Components: 1

Appearance: Liquid

SYNTECH ROADWARE is a high penetration two-component hybrid urethane which, combined with quartz, produces a hard and instant polymer to repair cracks and crevices in concrete floors.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Pot-life: 10 min


Adhesion to the substrate: 13.7 MPa


Mixing ratio: 1:1 _


Use wearing protective gloves

Technical specifications


< 9 mPas

Breaking load longitudinal

30 MPa

Longitudinal elongation at break

6 %

VOC content

5.5 g/l


72D _

Available colours

- Dark gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Bi-mix cartridge 600 ml


SYNTECH ROADWARE has a very low viscosity allowing the penetration of the product in depth, even in the narrowest cracks. It has short reaction times, in fact in 10 minutes at 20°C the material polymerizes completely and catalyzes quickly even in environments with temperatures below 0°C. It has good resistance to chemical attack. When combined with quartz powder, SYNTECH ROADWARE, forms a highly resistant compound with properties similar to existing concrete but with the flexibility that persists over time.


With a SYNTECH ROADWARE cartridge, an average of 50 linear metres of gap of 5 mm width is repaired.

Use fields

Repair of splits or cracks in concrete, restoration of deteriorated concrete degradation, repair of cracks and pop-out phenomena in concrete.

Preparation of supports

Slightly widen the crack with a circular saw to facilitate the penetration of SYNTECH ROADWARE. Before applying the product, vacuum the dust created. The support must be clean and free from dust or dirt.

Use method

Apply SYNTECH ROADWARE directly on the crack or on the degraded area until the gap is completely saturated. Add quartz directly to the crack and repeat the SYNTECH ROADWARE application operation. Smooth with a spatula and leave the product to work.

Application methods

- Dispensing gun

Tool cleaning

- Nitro thinner

Permitted supports

- Concrete

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