40 bar manual pump for masonry injections of resins

Code: SYN.0190

Components: 1

Appearance: Mechanical device

Manual single-piston pump, self priming, simple effect, to inject polyurethane and epoxy fluid resins. The maximum pressure that can be delivered by the pump is 40 bar. The flow rate is 1 litre in 55 cycles.

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General characteristics




Unlimited shelf-life

Available colours

- Black

Packaging and dimensions

- Bulk material 1 unit


The pump AZ-PT/B has a bulk at the base of maximum 65x110 cm, and is equipped with an extensible telescopic stand, in order to adjust the height as a function of the ergonomic requirements of the operator who uses it. The height from the ground varies from 85 cm to 125 cm.


Product to buy as needed.

Use fields

Masonry injections of hydro-expansive polyurethane resins for stopping water infiltration and/or fluid epoxy resins for masonry reinforcement.

Preparation of supports

Install the injectors SYNTECH H.A.G. INIETTORE 120 and SYNTECH H.A.G. INIETTORE 170, as specified in the respective technical data sheets.

Use method

Connect the high-pressure hose supplied with the pump to the special injector, which is suitably installed in the masonry. Immerse the suction pipe supplied with the pump (reinforced plastic pipe) in the container (bucket, bottle, etc. ) containing the resin to be injected. Insert the pressure relieving tube (transparent plastic tube) in the same container. Start the injection operations, by pumping the resin in the injectors by activating the pumping lever.

Upon saturation of the cavity to be injected, the pressure of the injected liquid will be such as to impede the operation of the lever; at that point it will be necessary to totally relieve the pressure by operating the appropriate vent cock. Disconnect the hose from the injector used and connect it to a new injector. Repeat the procedure for each intended injector.

At the end of each injection operation and before storing the pump, it is strongly recommended that you clean it carefully by first circulating Nitro thinner in the hydraulic circuit for a few minutes, and then by circulating the specific lubricant cleaner SYNTECH H.A.G. CLEANER.

Application methods

- Apply by hand

- Injection

Tool cleaning

- Nitro thinner

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Bricks

- Tuff

- Mixed walls (bricks and stones)

- Stone walls

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Do not disconnect the tube still under pressure from the injector used before totally relieving the residual pressure! The pump may reach 40 bar and thus, there is a serious danger of injury if the pressure is not previously relieved as described.

Failure to clean the pump with the measures described above, can cause the total blockage of the hydraulic circuit of the pump, making it temporarily unusable other than after meticulous and thorough cleaning. Total or partial replacement of seals (o-ring) may also be necessary.


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