Potassium silicate paint, thermo-reflective with chemical adhesion

Code: PRT.0338

Components: 1


Mineral paint for interiors and exteriors with potassium silicates, with strong adhesion characteristics on porous substrates, both for mineral combinations and for chemical bonds. It combines anti-condensation and insulating characteristics (thanks to the presence of 3M Glass Bubble hollow glass microspheres in the formulation) with strong resistance to mold and microorganisms (thanks to the natural alkaline pH of potassium silicate) and excellent hiding power (class 1 according to EN 13300 for a yield of 6/7 m2 / l). SANAXIL P - THERM due to its mineral nature, revolutionizes the concept of adhesion to the substrate, penetrating deeply into the porosity of the wall and then reacting with its components and forming a unique and indissoluble silicate bond.

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General characteristics


Highlighted product


Use wearing protective gloves




Use wearing protective glasses


Density: 1.46 kg/dm³


To be applied in two coats


Shelf-life: 12 months

Technical specifications

Dry residue

59 %

Permeability to water vapor

50 μ

Coefficient of permeability


Deep hardening

16 - 24 h

Dust-free time

30 min

Hard to touch

1 - 2 h

Degree of water vapor transmission

0.005 m

Available colours

- White

Packaging and dimensions

- Pail 14 l

- Pail 4 l


The product does not form a film, thus avoiding detachment and flaking phenomena and, while ensuring excellent water repellency, ensures high values of permeability to water vapor thanks to its porous and microcrystalline structure, perfectly compatible with mortars, plasters and all other common elements of the body masonry. Physical-mechanical performance and durability are coupled with a vast choice of colors that cannot be altered over time; characteristics which, combined with the ease and practicality of application, make the product extremely versatile and adaptable to any project requirement.


Apply from 0.18 to 0.25 litres of SANAXIL P-THERM per square metre of surface to be painted.

Use fields

Protective, restorative coatings with strong antibacterial and anti-mold characteristics, based on stabilized potassium silicates, for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Heat reflective paint that helps to increase the thermal efficiency of the building.

Preparation of supports

Remove any stains and proceed with painting with the silicate paint. (it is always recommended to apply a coat of silicate impregnating agent).
Apply a coat of potassium silicate fixative diluted from 30/40% with water depending on the absorption of the support.
On old supports, remove the old paint by brushing, fill in any holes or imperfections in the wall with a suitable filler, proceed with fixing with potassium silicate impregnating agent diluted 30/40% with water depending on the absorption of the support.

Use method

DILUTION (in volume with potable water)
1st COAT
BRUSH: 15% one coat crossed or two coats 12-24 hours apart
SPRAY (with specific equipment): 15 - 25%
2nd COAT
BRUSH: 10%
SPRAY (with specific equipment): 15 - 25%

Application methods

- Brush

- Low pressure airless nebulizer

- Paint roller

- Sprayer

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Concrete

- Paint

- Plasters

- Prefabricated concrete

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Do not apply on surfaces in gypsum, on non-hardened surfaces, on wet or hot surfaces, with direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged direct exposure of the fresh surfaces to the wind and the sunshine.

During application, protect glass, enamelled metals, aluminium, polished tiles etc., which may be opacified by accidental contact with silicate solutions.

Colours may vary slightly depending on the temperature conditions at the time of laying and during the drying and dessication stages, the colour may be subject to slight variations.

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