Natural mineral binder for granulated cork conglomerates

Code: ADX.0156

Components: 1

Appearance: Thick liquid

Binding, vitrifying, thick, syrupy solution of natural simple molecule minerals, for the production of insulating conglomerates, based on natural powdered cork, for ecological building interventions and in the restoration of vintage buildings and monuments.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Temperature of use: >8 °C




Density: 0.95 kg/dm³


Shelf-life: 12 months


Material 100% eco-friendly



Technical specifications

Active substance

> 35 %

Available colours

- Transparent

Packaging and dimensions

- Pallet tank (IBCs) 1350 kg

- Plastic can 25 kg


Binder function for natural light aggregates: from 80 to 120 kg per cubic metre of conglomerate with cork granulate. Approximately 120 kg/m³ with expanded perlite. Consolidating/anti-evaporation function: 0.25 kg per square metre of surface.

Use fields

For use in combination with granulated cork conglomerates for:
i) implementation of walkable subbase screeds for internal use;
ii) as a covering of technical installations on interior slabs in homes.

Preparation of supports

Reclaim and clean the application surfaces which must be compact and hardened, free from dust, fouling etc.

Use method

Mix SANAGLASS thoroughly and in-depth with granulated natural cork , for an amount of approximately 80-100 kg/m³ Place on site the adhesive conglomerate thus obtained, levelling it off on the reference marks with wood supports and then compacting it with a trowel. The mixing can be done manually, as well as with a normal cement mixer. In order to facilitate the application, it is possible to use the usual pumping devices.

SANAGLASS is perfectly compatible with any type of granulated natural cork. If it is used in combination with a granulated cork with a particle size of between 3-8 mm (as is usually available on the market), the consumption will be roughly 80 kg/m³ (coarser granulates require a lower consumption of vitrifying substances, however it will be much less effective both with regards to trampling and to thermal and acoustic insulation). In the case of using powdered cork (diameter 0-4 mm), the dosage of SANAGLASS will be in the range 110-120 kg/m³.

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

The actual consumption of the product, depending on the characteristics, the size and particle size of the cork, can be subject to considerable variations (the finer the particle size of the cork, the greater the amount necessary for use).

Do not add water or other components. Do not wet the subbases.

Please note that the natural conglomerates with high thermo-acoustic performance made with SANAGLASS + granulated cork conglomerates or with CALCESANA + granulated cork conglomerates are intended only as foundations for subsequent cement or lime screeds. Do not use as a top trampling layer.

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