Sprayed cork finish for thermo-acoustic insulation

Code: INT.0145

Components: 1

Appearance: Paste

Natural cork coating, for decoration and durability protection of facades and roofs. Mix of selected cork particles, with different types of water-based resins, mineral fillers, stabilizers and special additives that create a finishing coat with thermal insulation power outside or inside. Already known and used in antiquity as a roofing for homes, cork is a material which, in addition to its excellent thermo-acoustic insulating power, demonstrates excellent breathability, is not attacked by parasites and molds and is fireproof.

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General characteristics


Maximum diameter of aggregate: 0.8 mm


Density: 0.5 - 0.7 g/cm³


Shelf-life: 12 months


To be applied in two coats


Min. recommended thickness: 3 mm






Temperature of use: +5 / + 45 °C



Technical specifications

Reaction to fire

B s2 d0 _

Complete hardening

12 - 24 h

Hard to touch

30 min

Thermal conductivity

0.058 W/m*K

Available colours

- White

Packaging and dimensions

- Pail 12 kg

- Pallet: 36 x (Pail 12 kg)


SANACORK sprayed cork constitutes a real revolution in the construction field and in industry, allowing various applications both on terraces and roofs, and on facades and internal walls in the field of thermal-acoustic-restoration insulation. Sprayed cork is also an ecological product; it is obtained through a sophisticated production cycle, mixing various components: cork powder in various grain sizes, acrylic resin, vegetable fats and water. These materials are then subjected to a joining process which does not alter their characteristics, but rather enhances some of them.

The main properties of SANACORK are:

• Permeable to water vapour.
• Impervious to rainwater on vertical walls.
• Flexible, prevents the appearance of cracks due to shrinkage.
• Thermal corrector, continuous coating that avoids thermal bridges.
• Acoustic conditioner, reduces reverberation
• Resistant to salt air
• Hypoallergenic


Approximately 1.8 - 2.0 kg/m² of SANACORK to make 3 mm thick in two coats with an airless gun.

Use fields

Thanks to the spraying with an airless machine, SANACORK is quick and easy to apply on any substrate: masonry, concrete, sheet metal, fiber cement, natural stone, tiles, wood, wood fiber, etc.

Preparation of supports

The application surfaces must be clean, free from dirt, crumbly and loose parts, dust, etc. If the substrate is still dusty and crumbly after the cleaning operations, dry remove the totally loose parts with a spatula. brush, or assisting the removal operation with a pressure washer, then consolidate the substrate by impregnating it with PROTECH FIX AC aqueous emulsion. Make the support flat by filling voids, cracks larger than 0.5 mm and missing parts with repair mortars such as REPAR TIX. Use a painter's tape and pvc sheets to delimit the work areas and protect the areas not to be covered.

Use method

Mix SANACORK well with an electric beater (1.800W and 780 rpm) using an extra-fast mixing rod until the dough is homogenized. Spray SANACORK with airless guns and suitable equipment (contact Azichem technical staff for further information). After application, the tools can be cleaned with water or, if SANACORK has dried, it is possible to immerse them in water and detergent and then brush them.

Application methods

- Low pressure airless nebulizer

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Bricks

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Concrete

- Drywall

- Fiber-cement

- Lime and lime-cement plasters and mortars

- Metal surfaces

- Natural stones

- Plastic

- Polystyrene

- Prefabricated concrete

- Tiles

- Wood

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