Hydroexpansive rubber gasket for iron formwork spacers

Code: PRS.0361

Components: 1

Appearance: Gasket

RINGSEAL IR 08 is a ring gasket in special hydro-expansive rubber that reacts upon contact with water, increasing its initial volume. Used in combination with an 8-mm diameter iron formwork spacer (rebar), RINGSEAL IR 08 hermetically seals any conduit discontinuities that could easily form in the concrete due to the presence of the spacer and which would compromise the waterproofing of the masonry itself. The hydroexpansive capacity of RINGSEAL IR 08 has been laboratory tested with three different types of water: demineralised, salt and with a highly basic pH (to simulate conditions in contact with concrete). The expansion tests showed a variation in volume ranging from a minimum of around 200% with salt water (three times the initial volume) to a maximum of over 900% with demineralised water.

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General characteristics


Shelf-life: 24 months


Diameter: 8 mm




Hydroexpansive product: +200 / +900 %



Available colours

- Blue

Packaging and dimensions

- Small bag 200 unit


No. 1 RINGSEAL IR 08 gasket for each “rebar” iron formwork spacer.

Use fields

For underground concrete constructions, where the wall is in direct contact with the ground and where there are no waterproofing layers outside the masonry itself: basements, underground garages, basements, and so on.

Use method

Manually position the RINGSEAL IR 08 hydro-expansive gasket around the formwork spacers in a central position. Construct the formwork as planned, using the spacers as above and proceed with the regular concrete pouring operations.

Application methods

- To be added to other components

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Iron rod formwork spacers


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