Ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced micro-concrete

Code: RNF.0289

Components: 2

Appearance: Powder + Fibers

RINFOR GROUT COL is a special bi-component cement formulation, reinforced with READYMESH technology fibre, enriched with reactive micro-silicates with ultra-high pozzolan activity and special crystalizing additives which increase its end characteristics and its durability. Mixing with water results in micro-concretes with self-levelling rheology (SCC). On hardening, RINFOR GROUT COL possesses exceptional physical-mechanical and ductility values (fracture mechanics).

Linee di appartenenza

Certification obtained and Standards

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar

EN 1504-6

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Structural and non-structural repair (R4)

EN 1504-3

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Structural and non-structural repair (R4)

General characteristics


Density: 2420 kg/m³


Maximum diameter of aggregate: 6 mm


Mix with water: 10 - 12 %


Pot-life: 50 - 75 min


Shelf-life: 12 months


Temperature of use: + 5 / + 35 °C


Use wearing protective gloves

Technical specifications

Access for traffic light

24 h

Access with maximum stress

3 day

Adhesion to substrate

> 3 N/mm²

Average carbonation depth

< 0.5 mm

Breaking load longitudinal

> 7 N/mm²

Compressive strength after 28 days

130 N/mm²

Compressive strength at 02 days

> 65 N/mm²

Endogenous withdrawal

< 0.05 %

Flexural strength

> 27 N/mm²

Fracture energy

30000 N/m

Free-phase withdrawal/expansion


Measuring the flexural tensile strength (limit of proportionality, residual) fr 1 (gap opening 0.5 mm)

14.0 N/mm²

Measuring the flexural tensile strength (limit of proportionality, residual) fr 2 (gap opening 1.5 mm)

12.0 N/mm²

Measuring the flexural tensile strength (limit of proportionality, residual) fr 3 (gap opening 2.5 mm)

10.0 N/mm²

Measuring the flexural tensile strength (limit of proportionality, residual) fr 4 (gap opening 3.5 mm)

8.0 N/mm²


Removal of formworks

24-48 h

Resistant to chemical agents

Resistant to freezing/thawing cycles in the presence of salts/chlorides

Resistant to sulphates


Shear strength

> 16 MPa

Static elastic modulus

38 GPa


8-12 h

Water penetration depth

< 2 mm

Available colours

- Gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Bag 25 kg [A]

- Bag 20 kg [B]

- Kit: 16 Bags 25 kg [A] + 1 Bag 20 kg [B]

- Pail 5 kg [B]

- Kit: 4 Bags 25 kg [A] + 1 Pail 5 kg [B]

- Pail 1.25 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Bag 25 kg [A] + 1 Pail 1.25 kg [B]


The rheological and physical-mechanical characteristics of the RINFOR GROUT COL product render it extraordinarily effective in reinforcing structural elements in reinforced concrete and masonry.
Adhered to the inside of caissons, confined within cavities or spread out over the extrados of foundations and lofts, RINFOR GROUT COL allows for low thickness structural reinforcing, substantially devoid of additional metallic reinforcement.
RINFOR GROUT COL belongs to the HPFRC (High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete) family, permitting the structural designer to make use of the following characteristics:
- Exceptional resistance and traction as well as exceptional values of shear stress adhesion on various supports which have been suitably roughened;
- advantages in structural calculations prescribed for fracture mechanics, resistance to traction and of the ultimate material deformation;
- minimum thicknesses applied with reinforcing effects which have been distinctly improved as against interventions with traditional reinforced concrete;
- highly notable reduction of mass and minimizing of additional loads applied for structural reinforcing as against interventions with traditional reinforced concrete (practically nil additional loads in the case of the thickness of the coating corresponding with the depth of sacrificed surface);
- anti-carbonatation barrier (practically zero penetration of CO2) and anti-oxidant barrier;
- auto-healing of any micro-fissures exposed to contact with fluids, thanks to the particular crystallising additives;
- increment of durability of the structures repaired with RINFOR GROUT COL, thanks to the migration effect of the crystallising additives;
- very high resistance to fire;
- eco-sustainability - made up of 100% mineral and metallic materials, totally recyclable at end of life.

From the environmental point of view, the RINFOR GROUT COL product is characterised by the following advantages:
- Ecological packaging (card-cardboard)
- product based on hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and mineral additives with content of organic raw materials < 1%
- practically nil VOC emissions during installation; once hardened, nil VOC emissions.
- containing a fraction > 5% of sub-products from the production industry
100% recyclable at end of life.


Approximately 22 kg/m² of RINFOR GROUT COL for every centimetre of thickness to be implemented (approximately 2200 kg per cubic metre).

Use fields

- For seismic adaptation with absorption and transfer of pressure or traction during events with elevated dynamic forces (seismic, impacts, deflagration);
- for structural reinforcing and seismic upgrading through coating of beams, pillars structural ties, walls;
- for reinforcing and seismic upgrading with external, low thickness, structural screed for lofts in reinforced concrete, concrete masonry, corrugated sheeting, wood;

- for fabrication of light, thin section, structural elements
- for the repair of flooring with need for resistance against elevated static and dynamic stresses, together with exceptional values of resilience and resistance to impacts;
- for reinforcing and precision anchoring of heavy and highly stressed machinery: E.g. wind turbines, turbines, precision machinery, etc.

Preparation of supports

The support must be in good condition, clean, sufficiently coarse, without crumbling parts or dust, pressure washed and saturated with water before application. With concrete, the abrasiveness of the support must be > 3mm; to obtain this level of coarseness, techniques of hydro-scarifying, bush-hammering, mechanical chiselling, sand blasting with large grain may be considered. With the case of surfaces in strongly absorbent brick-work (lofts in brick cement with surfacing of parts in brick) or in the case in which it is impossible to saturate the support with water, contact our technical services to evaluate suitable adhesion primers, such as SYNTECH PAVISHEER or SYNTECH RGS. Above all, when used as a surface covering of lofts in concrete, or as a repair to industrial flooring, providing anchoring roots by drilling the support is particularly useful for increasing resistance to cuts and adhesion to the support (diameter 18-20 mm, depth 20 mm), and accurately cleaning the surfaces of the holes before spreading the RINFOR GROUT COL.

Use method

NB: EVERY 25 KG BAG (component A) NEEDS 1.25 KG OF FIBER (component B).
With regard to pouring in summer weather (hot, arid, windy) or in winter climates (cold, windy, frigid temperatures around 0C) all the prescriptions and recommendations notified in the STRUCTURAL CONCRETE GUIDE LINES (Ministry of Public Works) are valid. For coating, to reinforce beams structurally, pillars, ties, etc., use reinforced casings given the strong pressure exerted by the product, Use an efficient mixer with vertical axis (or efficient drill with mixing head for mixing a single pack in a bucket). The components are dosed at the site for each individual unit of mixture. Mix with effective vertical axis mixers for not less than 8-9 minutes
Kneed the sacks with water beforehand for at least 3-4 minutes: The water dose varies from a minimum of 10% up to a maximum of 12% (with reference to the weight of component A, 25kg sack) depending on the conditions of use and the useful fluidity of the mix. Having carried out this initial mixing, proceed with the gradual introduction of the READYMESH metallic fibre, at all costs avoiding immediate introduction of the whole quantity of fibre required. Having introduced the READYMESH fibre, continue with mixing for at least another 3 minutes.
For caisson pours, aid the filling process with light tapping with a rubber hammer on the caissons.
For pours in lofts, help the spreading and levelling with spreaders and cover the casts as soon as possible with waterproof canvas or with anti-evaporation coverings such as QL NANO LITHIUM.

Application methods

- Pour out

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Brickworks

- Stone walls

- Steel

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Handle the special READYMESH metallic fibres with suitable protective gloves. While mixing the product, wear dust-proof masks. Store the product in its original packaging in a cool and dry environment, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Inadequate storage of the product may cause a loss of the rheological performance. Beware of humidity.

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