Brass-plated micro-fibres for structural cement conglomerates

Code: RDM.0290

Components: 1

Appearance: Fibers

Brass-plated steel micro-fibres, obtained by cutting metal wire, for structural reinforcement of cement-based conglomerates in general. READYMESH MR-200 is a very thin brass-plated steel wire with a diameter of 0.22 mm and a length of 20 mm, mainly used for reinforcing concrete and high-performance mortars.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Diameter: 0.22 ± 5% mm


Lenght: 20 ± 5% mm




Unlimited shelf-life


Use wearing protective gloves

Technical specifications

Alkali-resistant material

Breaking load longitudinal

>2400 MPa

Dimensional ratio

90 _

Non-toxic material

Number of filmanets

~130000 nr/kg

Available colours

- Yellow Brass

Packaging and dimensions

- Bag 20 kg

- Pallet: 50 x (Bag 20 kg)


The addition of READYMESH MR-200 improves the mechanical properties of the conglomerate in terms of ductility, mechanical performance, energy absorption, toughness, fatigue and wear resistance. They also help control the plastic shrinkage in the conglomerate (cracking) and reduce or eliminate the need for conventional reinforcements such as electro-welded meshes.


Variable according to the type of work to be carried out and/or performance to be achieved.

Use fields

The READYMESH MR-200 micro-fibres are widely used as main and unique reinforcement for low thickness structural mortars, sprayed plasters and concretes (shotcrete, spritz-beton), precast concrete products.

Use method

READYMESH MR-200 fibres will be added to the conglomerate during mixing in a gradual manner, avoiding immediate introduction of the whole quantity of fibre required. Having introduced the READYMESH MR-200 fibre, continue with mixing for at least another 3 minutes so that the distribution is uniform in the mixture.

Application methods

- To be added to other components

Permitted supports

- Plasters

- Concrete

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Floor screed

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