15mm thin steel fibres

Code: RDM.0219

Components: 1

Appearance: Fibers

Fibres, obtained by the cutting of steel wire, with improved adhesion profile, for three-dimensional general structural reinforcement of cement-based conglomerates. The addition of READYMESH MM-150 significantly increases the mechanical performance of the structure in terms of toughness, ductility, fatigue, dynamic stress, shock, wear, tensile and shear strength and even post-cracking and damage behaviour. READYMESH MM-150 are particularly recommended for increasing ductility, toughness and thermal conductivity in concrete coatings for floor heating systems.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Diameter: 0.75 mm


Unlimited shelf-life


Lenght: 15 mm




Use wearing protective gloves

Technical specifications

Breaking load longitudinal

>1100 MPa

Number of filmanets

~50000 nr/kg

Alkali-resistant material

Non-toxic material

Available colours

- Steel

Packaging and dimensions

- Bag 20 kg

- Pallet: 50 x (Bag 20 kg)


Variable according to the type of work to be carried out and/or performance to be achieved.

Use fields

General preparation of screeds, cements and fibre-reinforced concrete. Particularly recommended for compact prefabrications, thin concrete floorings and radiant floor heating systems.

Use method

"READYMESH MM-150 fibres must be added to the concrete during mixing. It is recommended to pour the fibres directly onto the loading belt of the concrete mixer during the loading of the aggregates. Alternatively, it is possible to add them directly into the mixer after loading the concrete or into the onsite mixer. In this case, extend the mixing time by at least one minute (after a minimum of 3 minutes) for every m³ of packaged concrete in order to achieve optimal distribution. If using a 200-litre onsite mixer, add the fibres immediately after loading part of the aggregates and before adding the remaining parts. The typical dosage of READYMESH MM-150 fibres varies from 15 to 30kg/m³.

Conglomerates with READYMESH MM-150 can be easily transported and used with pumps, joiners, vibratory finishing machines, roadway extruders (e.g. slipform paver), etc. These fibres are typically used in conglomerates that have an aggregate diameter not exceeding 10-15mm."

Application methods

- To be added to other components

Permitted supports

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Concrete

- Floor screed

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