Water and oil repellent treatment for absorbent floors

Code: CSX.0260

Components: 1

Appearance: Liquid

QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF is a product in aqueous solution, with high performance fluorinated silane-siloxane polymers, designed to be a greater repellent to water and oil on all absorbent concrete and masonry surfaces, indoors and outdoors. QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF is non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable and very simple to use. QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF has a small molecular structure that allows in-depth penetration of the surfaces without modifying the appearance and shine; it offers excellent resistance to water and oil and is resistant to stains caused by spilling oil and seed oil, coffee, ketchup, mustard and other foodstuff substances. QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF reduces the damage caused by frost - defrost and saline efflorescence. Surfaces treated with QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF have no film or surface film. The life expectancy planned for the treated surface is approx. 5 - 10 years (based on the application and use).

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General characteristics






Density: ± 1 kg/dm³

Technical specifications

Boiling point/range

100 °C


5 ± 1 _

Available colours

- Yellow

Packaging and dimensions

- Plastic can 5 l

- Plastic can 25 l


It is an odourless, waterproof, oil repellent and stain-proof product for surfaces in concrete and masonry work both for indoors and outdoors. It has exclusive new generation technology formulated on the basis of three different polymers: Silanes, siloxanes and fluoropolymers. It is water based, does not contain solvents and has zero VOC value.


QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF can be used as it is or diluted in demineralized water up to 1:3 maximum in case of highly absorbing materials. Apply from 0.1 to 0.2 litres of QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF per square metre of surface to be treated.

Use fields

QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF is a water and oil repellent for absorbent surfaces such as concrete, brick, masonry and stone, including: architectural concrete floors in washed gravel, surfaces in concrete, footpaths, blocks in concrete, reconstructed stone, moulded concrete, blocks, road manufactured works in concrete in general.

Preparation of supports

You are advised to do a test application on a small piece to identify suitability of the product and the result. Leave the surface to dry before application.

1. The surface of the works to treat must be clean, structurally safe and free of wax, dirt, coatings, paint, seasoning agents and chemical residue.
2. Cracks, control joints and construction joints must be adequately prepared and sealed. Cement residue must be removed.
3. Remove dust before applying QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF
4. The concrete surface smoothed with a trowel must be tested in advance to view the penetration capacity and to estimate consumption.
5. Before application, carefully cover and protect windows, frames and any surface that can accidentally come in contact with the product. In the event of a leak, clean with water immediately.

Use method

1. Apply the product on concrete surfaces after at least 7 days from completion of the cast
2. Do not apply QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF on surfaces with a temperature under 5°C.
3. Do not apply outside if raining or snowing.
4. QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF must be applied with a low pressure spray, airless sprayer, roller or brush. Apply 1 litre per 5 to 10 m². Consumption varies based on the porosity of the surface.
5. Apply one or more coats based on the surface porosity. Apply the second coat "fresh on fresh", when the first is not yet dry. The drying time time depends on the atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.).
6. Do not leave excess product on the surface. Remove the excess product with a clean cloth before drying.
7. On some surfaces with few pores (as marble and granite) spray the surface with clean water before applying QL NANOSIL RAINPROOF. This procedure opens the substrate pores and makes penetration of the product easier.
8. On vertical surfaces, always apply the product from the base upwards.
9. Clean the equipment with water.

Maximum protection is reached after 3-6 days of treatment.

Application methods

- Low pressure airless nebulizer

- Brush

- Paint roller

- Sprayer

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Bricks

- Mixed walls (bricks and stones)

- Brickworks

- Stone walls

- Rock walls

- Porphyry and natural stones

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Remember that the user is obliged to read the most recent safety data sheet for the product, containing the chemical-physical and toxicological data, the risk phases and other information to transport, use and dispose of the product and its packaging in complete safety. You are however reminded not to dispose of the product and its packaging in the environment. You are not advised to use it on horizontal surfaces outdoors or surfaces subject to rainfall. Keep away from open flames and heat sources, do not smoke during application, use with safety gloves and goggles.


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