Protective and transparent hardener with high performance for concrete

Code: CSX.0258

Components: 1

Appearance: Liquid

The transparent, protective, hardening coating with high performance for industrial floors QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR is a hybrid, inorganic/organic surface treatment that forms a micro-film to harden and seal the flooring in concrete inside buildings, creating a very hard waterproof surface, repellent to dust and resistant to chemical substances. QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR is an excellent coating specifically designed to resist particularly unfavourable conditions that characterise the most demanding commercial and industrial installations.

Certification obtained and Standards

Product of the Floor line, the line of products from Azichem Srl dedicated to the main, complementary products and accessories for the construction, restoration and/or renovation of concrete floors and screeds.

Floor - Prodotti per pavimenti e massetti in calcestruzzo

Product of the Floor line, the line of products from Azichem Srl dedicated to the main, complementary products and accessories for the construction, restoration and/or renovation of concrete floors and screeds.

General characteristics


Shelf-life: 6 months


Use wearing protective glasses




Density: 1.09 kg/dm³


Use wearing protective gloves

Technical specifications


11.5 _

Available colours

- Transparent

Packaging and dimensions

- Plastic can 5 l

- Plastic can 25 l


This versatile treatment with low VOC content guarantees duration and an excellent adhesion force (surfaces exposed to intense pedestrian traffic, heavy equipment, abrasion or chemical substances); it resists UV rays, abrasion, chemical leaks and heavy traffic. This "industrial level" treatment offers rapid hardening and a pleasant and transparent finish and easy application in structures that require maximum protection and minimum or no inactivity times. Treatment has an extremely reduced VOC content (less than 50 grams per litre), it respects the environment (Green Leaf) and is almost odourless in terms of polymers/ammonia. Perfect to protect various types of product systems, car park levels, restaurant and warehouse structures, QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR hardens the concrete, making it resistant to strains, eases maintenance and improves its light reflection (on even finishes). QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR does not significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the surfaces.


Apply from 0.05 to 0.06 litres of QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR per square metre of surface to be treated.

Use fields

Hardening, protective and transparent treatment of industrial floors and screeds in concrete inside buildings, both old and new, both grey and coloured.

Preparation of supports

Carefully clean all the surfaces. Mechanically remove efflorescence and stains or repair cracks and damaged areas. Eliminate all the membranes created by hardening compounds, sealants, oil, grease, dirt, dust, residue on walls in gypsum and other contaminating agents. You are advised to carefully clean the surface with a black abrasive pad (fine grain) and a neutral pH detergent. You are not advised to treat the surface with an acid solution, since it may be necessary to rinse it carefully with a neutral pH detergent to correctly neutralise the surface (lack of neutralisation of the pH can cause bleaching). For excellent results, clean the surface by smoothing the floor with sandpaper 60-100 or a diamond abrasive pad. Remove dust and residue with walk behind or ride on floor washer, using water or a brush, then rinse with water and dry the surface with a cloth for glass. Avoid using detergents containing citrus derivatives (d-limonene) or butyl mixes.

Use method

Before proceeding, leave the surface to dry perfectly (at least 15 days).
Mix or carefully shake the product before applying it.
Apply QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR with a microfibre or similar pad, distributing a delicate and even layer of material up to complete coverage of the substrate. Cover approximately 15 - 40 m² per litre, based on the porosity of the surface. Repeat this passage to obtain the desired results. The objective of this phase consists of creating a micro-film resistant to stains on the substrate. Leave each application to dry for at least 30 - 60 minutes (very important) before applying another. Avoid applying excessive quantity. It is fundamental to apply various thin layers. A too thick layer will not harden correctly and could discolour or bleach. Using a natural bristle pad and a high speed burnisher between one application or another, you can increase the shine and hardening speed

Application methods

- Scrubbing brush

- Sprayer

- Low pressure airless nebulizer

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Concrete

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR is an aqueous solution of lithium silicate that uses the proprietary mixes. It is an alkaline treatment that can irritate the eyes and skin. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Only for external use. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Do not ingest. If ingested, do not provoke vomiting; contact a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes. You are advised to use protective clothing. You are advised to wear safety goggles to protect against sprays. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water. If irritation persists, contact a doctor. Wash the relevant areas carefully with soap and water. Consult the safety data sheet to take further precautions, instructions on safety and treatments for first aid. QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR sticks to most surfaces; rinse immediately with water and delicate detergent.
Attention; surfaces wet with QL NANO LITHIUM FINISH INTERIOR may be slippery.
Sale and re-sale to the public is forbidden. This product is only intended for professional use and must be applied by an authorised person or an authorised technical support worker.


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