Anti-carbonation acrylic paint, for concrete products

Code: PRT.0117

Components: 1

Appearance: Thick liquid

Anti-carbonation, protective, decorative paint, pigmented for whitewashing concrete surfaces; based on acrylic resins in aqueous emulsion, it forms a film that is impermeable to water, with very low permeability to carbon dioxide but high vapour permeability, anchored by specific adherence and diffusion. Perfect for protective coatings of infrastructure projects in concrete.

Linee di appartenenza

Certification obtained and Standards

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Surface protection systems for concrete

EN 1504-2

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Surface protection systems for concrete

General characteristics


Density: 1.5 kg/dm³


Shelf-life: 12 months


Temperature of use: + 5 / + 35 °C




To be applied in two coats





Technical specifications

Determination of particle size

50 μm

Thermogravimetric analysis - Polymeric fraction

22.3 %

Degree of water vapor transmission

0.1959 m

Complete hardening

6-8 h

Determination of Volatile Materials (VOC)

10.95 g/l

Thermogravimetric analysis - Inorganic charges

50 %

Determination of adhesion for direct traction (Fh)

> 0.8 MPa

Hard to touch

1-2 h

Permeability to CO2

740 m

Density determination

1.556 kg/dm³

Thermogravimetric analysis - Volatile fraction

27.7 %

Liquid water transmission


Available colours

- White

Packaging and dimensions

- Pail 22 kg


Apply from 0.25 to 0.35 kg of PROTECH WAC per square metre of surface to be painted.

Use fields

Painting of protective, decorative and anti-carbonation finish, for walls, façades, concrete products, plaster, masonry, natural stones, porous supports in general. Specific for painting industrial works and infrastructure artefacts: bridges, viaducts, large prefabricated, etc.

Preparation of supports

The surfaces of application should be clean, free of any soiling, crumbling and non-adhering parts, or non-absorbent, dust, pre-existing paints, etc. Degraded or uneven surfaces should be reclaimed with products of the family REPAR or with adhesive cement mortars packaged in situ, based on BOND HG and polypropylene fibres READYMESH PM-180.

Despite it is a good habit to apply an acrylic paint after preliminary treatment of the surfaces with the suitable reinforcing fixative PROTECH FIX AC, in the case of PROTECH WAC this operation is not strictly necessary.

Use method

Apply the product in 2 coats, with a brush, roller or spray, diluting it with water according to the following dosages (% in weight):
- roller or brush = 10%
- spray = 15%-25%

Overcoat only after drying of the previous coat.

Application methods

- Brush

- Low pressure airless nebulizer

- Paint roller

- Sprayer

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Concrete

- Fiber-cement

- Plasters

- Prefabricated concrete

- Rock walls

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