Adhesive cartridge for hydro-expansive curb bonding

Code: PRS.0213

Components: 1

Appearance: Cartridge

Permanently elastic, modified silane-based polymeric adhesive for sealing gaskets, joints and curbs, of both bentonitic (e.g. CLAYSEAL 25.20, CLAYSEAL 25.20 SW) and hydro-expansive rubber (e.g. SEALGUM 20.05), for waterproofing cast elements. The adhesive is a substitute for the more traditional nailing of sealants.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Shelf-life: 15 months


Use wearing protective gloves

Available colours

- Gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Cartridge 290 cc

- Box: 12 x (Cartridge 290 cc)

- Cartridge 600 cc


"PROSEAL FIX allows concrete casting even only a few hours after curb laying due to rapid adhesion and effectiveness even when the concrete surface is wet. The use of PROSEAL FIX renders sealing curb nailing completely unnecessary.
PROSEAL FIX guarantees fast and secure fixing and hydraulic seal after casting even when the curb laying surface is not perfectly smooth or flat or the curb is vertical."


Approximately 0.15 cartridges of PROSEAL FIX for every linear metre of bentonite or hydro-expansive rubber waterstop to be bonded.

Use fields

Realization of rigid (non-expansive) casts and secure, permanent hydraulic sealing connections, for example, between foundation slabs and rising walls in underground structures.

Preparation of supports

"Make sure the curb laying surface is not crumbling, inconsistent, dirty, powdered or contaminated with traces of oils or grease.
The laying site may not be perfectly flat as long as the curbing can follow the form of any inhomogeneities to allow perfect adhesion to the support (e.g. no edges, wedges). If the surface features excessive inhomogeneities, correct these with the thixotropic mortar REPAR TIX before laying the curb."

Use method

"Using a common cartridge dosing gun, distribute a suitable amount of product along the portion of curb to be laid. One PROSEAL FIX cartridge is enough to fix approximately 8 to 10 metres of curb. Optimal adhesion is achieved when the entire contact surface is covered before laying the curb. After applying the adhesive, position the curb on the laying surface and hold in place for a few seconds.
Ideally, concrete casting should be performed at least one day after the curb has been laid. In cases of urgency, however, after a few hours (at least 4) the adhesion is sufficient to proceed with the casting."

Application methods

- Dispensing gun

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Prefabricated concrete

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