Osmotic deformable two-component thick waterproofing cement

Code: OSM.0088

Components: 2

Appearance: Liquid + Powder

Osmotic fibre reinforced two-component cement mortar, based on hydraulic binders, modifying resins and flexibilisers, superpozzolanic reactive fillers, for the preparation of adhesive mixtures, easy to spread, which after hardening, provide an effective waterproofing protection, both in direct push and in negative pressure, with high capacity of deformation.

Linee di appartenenza

Certification obtained and Standards

Specification for Mortar for Masonry - General purpose rendering/plastering mortar (GP)

EN 998-1

Specification for Mortar for Masonry - General purpose rendering/plastering mortar (GP)

General characteristics


Maximum diameter of aggregate: 1 mm


Min. recommended thickness: 5 mm


Highlighted product


Pot-life: 50 - 70 min


Max. recommended thickness: 15 mm


Shelf-life: 12 min




Temperature of use: +5 / +35 °C



Technical specifications

Compressive strength

> 40 N/mm²

Permeability to water vapor


Flexural strength

> 8 N/mm²


1900 kg/m³

Capillary absorption

0.09 kg•h^0.5/m²

Darcy impermeability

10⁻¹⁰ cm/s

Bonding force

2.4 N/mm²

Static elastic modulus

19000 N/mm²

Available colours

- Gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Bag 25 kg [A]

- Kit: 1 Bag 25 kg [A] + 1 Plastic can 5 kg [B]

- Plastic can 5 kg [B]


OSMOCEM RD synergistically brings together properties and benefits derived from the peculiar mix of components, which include superpozzolanic reactive fillers, for a net improvement of the chemical inertness and adherence, the reduction of porosity and permeability, with consequent reduction of carbonation. Suitable polymers present in the mixture also increase its deformability and stability, reducing scraps, detachments and cracks.


Approximately 18 kg/m² of OSMOCEM RD for every centimetre of thickness to be implemented (approximately 1800 kg per cubic metre).

Use fields

Coatings, reconstructions and millimetric shields, finishing coats etc., in interventions to restore conservative, waterproofing works in reinforced concrete, wall coverings, extended exposed surfaces etc. provided they are sufficiently porous and absorbent and free from any waterproofing and / or water-repellent surface treatment, whether chemical (siloxanes, epoxies, polyurethanes, etc.) or natural (wax-up). Particularly indicated for interventions of dehumidification and anti-condensation rehabilitation of underground spaces, in combination with the dehumidifying cycle with CALEOSANA.

Preparation of supports

Application surfaces should be clean, free of soiling, crumbling and non-adhering parts, dust, etc., water repellent treatments in general, etc. conveniently saturated with water until they reach the condition "saturated with dry surface". It is always advisable to prime the application support with approximately 100-150 g / m2 of COMPONENT B adhesive latex; in this way, at least three extraordinarily effective operations are carried out with a simple and fast priming: a) expulsion of the air from the surface porosity _ stopper (with a drastic reduction of the well-known blistering that occurs on elastic products with low thickness); b) decrease in the absorption of the support (to guarantee a suitable curing of the waterproof skim coat); c) increased adhesion thanks to the deep penetration of the polymeric component.

Use method

Mix the powder component (component A) with the hydrating solution (component B) with a drill at a low number of revolutions, pouring the powder progressively in the liquid, continue mixing until a homogeneous lump-free mixture is obtained. After mixing is completed wait a few minutes and stir again before proceeding with application.

To further improve the performance of the coating, insert a steel reinforcement mesh (wire 2 mm mesh and 5x5 cm) between layers.

Application methods

- Brick trowel

- Finishing trowel

- Plastering machine

- Spatula

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Bricks

- Concrete

- Mixed walls (bricks and stones)

- Rock walls

- Stone walls

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

It is always essential to carry out preliminary tests to verify the appropriateness of the product, depending on specific requirements.

Do not apply in case of direct exposure to sunlight and cure the protection and moist hardening.
Do not apply on little or non-porous substrates or previously coated with water-repellent treatments in general, if not after appropriate roughening by bush hammers, sanders and equipment suitable for preparatory treatments of substrates, or after appropriate treatment with suitable polymeric primers.

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