Quick-hardening self-levelling mortar for planar substrate shaving

Code: FLR.0050

Components: 1

Appearance: Powder

FLOOR LEVEL is a self-levelling modified-polymer cement mortar with fibre-reinforcement, offering accelerated grip and fast hardening. Applied prior to laying the flooring, it is perfect for levelling at thickness ranging from 3 mm to 15 mm so as to adapt to any type of covering.

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Certification obtained and Standards

Screed material and floor screeds - Screed material - Properties and requirements

EN 13813

Screed material and floor screeds - Screed material - Properties and requirements

EN 13813

C30 F7

EN 13813

General characteristics


Pot-life: 20 min


Max. recommended thickness: 20 mm






Temperature of use: +5 / +30 °C


Mix with water: 19 %


Maximum diameter of aggregate: 0.5 mm


Min. recommended thickness: 3 mm


Shelf-life: 6 months

Technical specifications

Flexural strength at 01 day

> 2 MPa

Compressive strength after 28 days

> 38 MPa

Bonding force

> 2 MPa

Static elastic modulus

18000 MPa

Compressive strength after 01 day

> 4 MPa

Permeability to water vapor

40 _

Capillary absorption



> 12 _

Flexural strength after 28 days

> 8 MPa


2050 kg/m³

Chloride content

< 0.01 %

Setting time

40-60 min

Available colours

- Gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Bag 25 kg

- Pallet: 50 x (Bag 25 kg)


The perfect pourability, fluidity and self-levelling properties of the mortar facilitate the coating operations, to quickly attain perfect planarity. By casting the product on the base and helping to spread the self-levelling product with a spatula, the resulting surface is perfectly smooth, thanks to the fine granulometry of the silica aggregate (with a maximum size of 0.5 mm). FLOOR LEVEL serves as an additive with reducer-shrinkage compensators and fibre-reinforcement with special anti-cracking glass microfilaments, being alkali-resistant and with high zirconium content (READYMESH technology), all to confer exceptional dimensional stability to the product. In the case of particularly intense static or dynamic stresses, the FLOOR LEVEL SFR version is available, improved with the addition of READYMESH MR-060 steel microfibers. As an additive, FLOOR LEVEL has a special high-flexibility powder adhesive that ensures the product bonds to various media without affecting the self-levelling characteristics and breathability to water vapour. The swift development of mechanical resistors ensures the immediate progression of construction operations and walkability just a few hours after laying (approximately 4-5 hours at 20° C). Fast drying means floor coverings and finishing operations can be applied sooner—always checking the moisture content of the hardened mortar with a calcium carbide hygrometer or electrical hygrometer, bearing in mind that the latter provides merely indicative values that should be calibrated on the product in advance.


Approximately 1.8 kg/m² of FLOOR LEVEL for each millimetre of thickness to be made.

Use fields

FLOOR LEVEL can be used for shave uneven substrates to be levelled then subsequently covered with various types of flooring (ceramic tiles, marble, wood, plastic material, and so on), especially in cases where speed of execution is required and the finished flooring needs high resistance to loads and heavy traffic. Some substrate examples include:
• concrete foundations and cement screeds;
• substrate in anhydrite;
• heated flooring;
• existing flooring in concrete, marble chip tiles (marmette), natural stones and magnesite;
• existing ceramic flooring subject to priming the base with two-component SYNTECH RGS resin (consumption approximately 1.2 kilograms/m2) and casting FLOOR LEVEL on wet resin.
The FLOOR LEVEL SFR version, improved with the addition of READYMESH MR-060 steel microfibres, is available for particularly stressed areas of application, such as insoles subjected to intense dynamic-vibrational stresses, which enhance the anti-shrinkage functions and increase the toughness and the tensile strength of the self-levelling mortar.

Preparation of supports

The surfaces on which the product is to be applied must be cleaned of dust, free from contamination, paints, loose and crumbly parts, and so on. Adopt effective mechanical measures to remove residues that could impact upon product adhesion. On media with standard absorption, slightly wet the base with water to clean the surface and favour the bonding of FLOOR LEVEL. When the base is particularly absorbent, weak and crumbly or whereby it is not possible to slightly wet, prime the surfaces with the special aqueous resin dispersion BOND PLUS, preferably spreading the product with a rigid-bristle brush to promote penetration into the base. On surfaces primed with BOND PLUS, FLOOR LEVEL must be applied “wet-on-wet” as soon as priming is performed, with a BOND PLUS consumption of approximately 200 grams/m2. On non-absorbent, vitrified, ceramised bases—such as ceramic or klinker tiles—prime surfaces with the bicomponent SYNTECH RGS resin (with a consumption of 1.2 kilograms/m2) and apply FLOOR LEVEL onto the resin whilst still fresh.
FLOOR LEVEL is pumpable but, since the product has accelerated grip, the jet must be continuous and without interruption (with the pump to be entirely emptied before any stoppage to the pumping lasting more than 10 minutes).

Use method

Mix with a triple-helix paddle with a high rotational count or with a vertical axis mixer. Put 2/3 of the total water for the mixture into the mixer, gradually adding the product and the remaining water, stirring for about 2-3 minutes until obtaining a homogeneous mixture with fluid consistency. The mixture must contain from 18% to 20% water by weight (from 4.5 litres to 5.0 litres per 25-kilogram bag). Strain the mixture thus obtained onto the surface and spread with a rubber squeegee, standard metal spatula or toothed spatula (angled to obtain the desired thickness). Thanks to its perfect self-levelling characteristics, FLOOR LEVEL immediately fills the grooves left by the toothed spatula and eliminates small imperfections caused by the passage of the spatula (spatula markings). Finish the adjustment and smoothing operations within 20 minutes. The product has accelerated grip and hardening, meaning there should be no pause between mixing and application. The product cures in around 45 minutes and is walkable after a few hours.

Application methods

- Notched finishing trowel

- Spatula

- Straight edge

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Bricks

- Concrete

- Floor screed

- Natural stones

- Tiles

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