Elastic waterproof, patterned, butt strap, 12 cm wide

Code: PRS.0036

Components: 1

Appearance: Tape

Waterproof butt strap band, consisting of a polyester fabric gauze and an expandable rubber coating, centrally placed, with an overall width of 12 cm. The product is distinctive for its simple and easy application, the ascertained watertightness to water and the high deformation capacity.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Shelf-life: 24 months


Temperature of use: -30 / +90 °C


Width: 120 mm

Technical specifications

Breaking load lateral

57.6 N / 15 mm _

Breaking load longitudinal

137.8 N / 15 mm _

Extension break lateral

130.6 %

Longitudinal elongation at break

34.4 %

Power absorption at 25% elasticity lateral

1.36 N/ 15 mm _

Power absorption at 50% elasticity lateral

1.71 N/ 15 mm _

Resistance to water pressure

>1.5 bar


0.66 mm

UV resistance

<500 h

Available colours

- Gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Roll 50 m


Total strip width (including the lateral mesh): 120 mm Overall width of the elastic strap: 70 mm Width of the expandable area (central to the elastic strap): 30 mm Width of the meshed area: 25 mm per side

Use fields

Connection of waterproofing surfaces adjacent to joints in structures or artefacts subject to thermal or dynamic movements, particularly suitable in waterproofing coating interventions that interweave the use of OSMOCEM FLEX or OSMOCEM D.

Preparation of supports

The application surfaces should be clean, free of incrustations, dust and non-adhering parts, carefully roughened.

Use method

Previously apply OSMOCEM FLEX or OSMOCEM D on the laying surfaces (with a layer of average thickness not less than 2 mm), for a width greater than that of the ELASTOTEX 120 butt strap. Spread ELASTOTEX 120 ensuring the incorporation and adhesion of the edge bands, in polyester fabric gauze, to the product applied. Complete the coating with OSMOCEM FLEX or OSMOCEM D.

Application methods

- Apply by hand

- Brick trowel

- Spatula

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Prefabricated concrete

- Tiles

- Floor screed

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

The expandable rubber strap must surmount the edges of the joint by at least 5 mm. Where there are transverse movements the butt strap must be positioned in "omega" pattern.

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