Cleaner, descaler, saline converter with an acid pH

Code: CSX.0030

Components: 1

Appearance: Liquid

Concentrated solution of buffered acids, anionic and non-ionic surfactants with high biodegradability, for deep cleaning of substrates from various kinds of encrustations (lime, gypsum, calcareous concretions, saltpetre). To be applied after diluting with clean water according to the proportions indicated in the technical data sheet. The product attacks carbonate minerals, therefore pay particular attention to surfaces in marble, limestone, floors and lead polished stones, carrying out appropriate preventive assessments. Protect metal surfaces

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Use wearing protective gloves




Use wearing protective glasses




Mix with water: 1:10 (max) _


Shelf-life: 12 months

Technical specifications


90 %


1 _

Available colours

- Transparent

Packaging and dimensions

- Bottle 1 kg

- Plastic can 6 kg


From 0.10 to 1.00 kg of DETERG-A per square metre of surface to be treated, based on the type of material and the porosity of the support. Recommended: 0.25 kg/m² of tiled surfaces.

Use fields

Operations of saline removal and stabilisation, removal of deposits of lime, gypsum, saltpetre, mosses; deep cleaning of leakages and media in general. Particularly suitable as a detergent in waterproofing interventions with PROTECH BALCONY.

Use method

Dilute the product in water based on the nature and size of the incrustation and/or of salt fouling to be removed. Spread the solution with a spray or brush, or even by pouring directly on the fouling to be removed. Leave on for a few minutes. Wash the foam produced by the acid reaction with copious amounts of water .

DETERG-A can be used in various dilution ratios: from pure (undiluted) up to one part of product in 10 parts of water.

In preparation of the supports to be waterproofed with PROTECH BALCONY, consider diluting the product 1:4, for a consumption of 400 g/m² of solution. In this case, the consumption of DETERG-A is about 1 litre of product to dilute per 10 sqm of tiled surface to be waterproofed.

Do not apply on marble surfaces, terracotta, natural stone, polished lead floors and galvanised surfaces.
It is a corrosive product, pay attention to the security fact sheet. Always wear gloves when handling.

Application methods

- Brush

- Scrubbing brush

- Sprayer

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Bricks

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Concrete

- Mixed walls (bricks and stones)

- Plasters

- Stone walls

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