Concentrated product for slow diffusion anti-rising damp chemical barriers

Code: CSX.0343

Components: 1

Appearance: Liquid

One-component concentrated (60 - 65%) silane-based system modified for the preparation, with the sole addition of water, of water repellent microemulsions for slowly spreading masonry injections against capillary rising damp, specific for the construction of chemical barriers in masonry, brick, tufa, stone and mixed, of varied thicknesses.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Density: 1.10 kg/dm³


Mix with water: 1:15 _


Shelf-life: 6 months


Use wearing protective glasses


Use wearing protective gloves

Technical specifications

Active substance

60 - 65 %


> 60 °C


3 - 5.5 _

Available colours

- Transparent

Packaging and dimensions

- Plastic can 25 kg

- Pallet tank (IBCs) 1000 kg


CONSILEX IMC creates a slow diffusion and radial propagation chemical barrier at the base of the walls. The slow diffusion is specifically designed to cover the whole capillary volume and to allow for deep penetration in the porosity of the porous material without altering the permeability to water vapour: the media treated maintain the original breathability.

The system based on CONSILEX IMC interrupts the capillary rising damp in the range where the diffusers are inserted, for an average height of cm 30. The masonry above the intervention, free from sources of damp, will progressively and slowly release the residual moisture in the environment at the time of the intervention. Since this evaporation process can bring out the salts contained in the masonry, whitening chromatic effects of surfaces and saline efflorescence may occur. For these reasons you should complete the intervention with applying an anti-saline treatment (like FEST SALZ or SANAREG) combined with the construction of a dehumidifying plaster (type SANATIGH) on the basis of the instructions on the technical data sheets for each product.


From 0.17 to 0.20 litres of CONSILEX IMC already diluted per linear metre of 10 cm thick masonry. Calculate the consumption in proportion to the thickness of the masonry to be restored.

Use fields

Construction of slow diffusion chemical barriers against capillary rising damp in brickwork, tufa, stone and mixed, of varying thickness.

Preparation of supports

Remove the existing plaster, only if necessary, up to at least one metre above the line of evident damp.

Draw a line parallel to the outside kerb or inside flooring, at about 10-15 cm from the same. Prepare drilling points at 12 cm distance from one another on the line. The inclination of the holes should be about 20° down. The depth of the holes should be approximately 4/5 the thickness of the wall to inject. The tip of the drill should be slightly greater than 30 mm. Once the holes are completed, the dust produced by perforation must necessarily be eliminated.

Insert the specific cardboard tubes BARRIER TUBE D26 in the holes thus made, as described in the relevant data sheet, and provide the specific BARRIER BAG polyethylene bags with tubes, as described in the relevant technical data sheet.

Use method

Prepare the water repellent solution by mixing one part CONSILEX IMC with up to 15 parts water (maximum dilution 1:15). Stir with mechanical mixer for at least 5 minutes.

With the mixture thus prepared, fill the previously prepared containment bags (BARRIER BAG), and level with plaster until complete saturation of the masonry and "to rejection" of the same. In normal situations, a masonry about 40 cm thick will absorb about 7-8 litres of the 1:15 solution per metre of length.

Once the absorption is complete, remove the bags and tubes installed, leaving the "disposable" cartridges in the holes, so they will need to be adequately stuccoed with cement and/or lime mortar.
The properly prepared and mixed microemulsion should be clear. If it is cloudy, do not proceed with application.

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