Alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforcing mesh of 160 g/m²

Code: RNF.0223

Components: 1

Appearance: Net

Anti-cracking reinforcement mesh, based on alkaline-resistant fibreglass fibres for better distribution of tension and to prevent cracks from shrinkage, deriving from temperature variations, planar inhomogeneities, etcetera. With a weight of 160 g/m2 and a 4 x 4 mm square mesh, ARMAGLASS 160 is the ideal fibreglass mesh for creating reinforced skim coats.

Linee di appartenenza

General characteristics


Lenght: 50 m




Unlimited shelf-life




Width: 100 cm


Suitable for contact with drinking water

Technical specifications

Unit weight

160 g/m²

Alkali-resistant material



0.50 mm

Mesh size

4 x 4 mm

Available colours

- White

Packaging and dimensions

- Pallet: 30 x (Roll 50 m²)

- Roll 50 m²


ARMAGLASS 160 is perfect for preventing the formation of cracks and fissures by spreading the stresses on the whole surface, the use of fibreglass mesh is practically indispensable. The mesh used is generally low basis weight and reduced thickness. They are especially recommended for works of osmotic waterproofing coating, both vertical and horizontal, or in the coating polystyrene modular cladding, wood fibre, cork, etc.


1.1 m/m²: The adjacent sheets of fiberglass mesh must be overlapped along the edges by at least 10 cm.

Use fields

Reinforces screeds on osmotic waterproofing coatings, both vertical and on balconies and terraces, polystyrene modular cladding, wood fibre, cork, etc.

Use method

Lay the wire mesh on the fresh mortar from the top downwards, filling it with a spatula, taking care to overlap them at least 10 cm and to avoid the formation of air bubbles and folds.

Application methods

- Spatula

Permitted supports

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

- Concrete

- Drywall

- Fiber-cement

- Plasters

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