Transparent non-pellicular waterproof to be applied without removing the existing flooring

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PROTECH BALCONY is a ready to use concentrated single-component solution, made out of silicone-based resins and organic polymers catalysed in solvent. The solution viscosity is lower than that of water, so as to penetrate any cracks liable for water

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 When everything is fine, terraces and balconies are a pleasant extension of the house. 
In case of waterproof and water penetration problems, terraces and balconies can turn into a real nightmare leading to condominium disputes, material, transportation and labour costs, construction sites within the living area and stressful waiting times. Restoring the waterproofing of terraces and balconies requires expensive and demanding methods, which are:

  • Flooring and existing slab demolition, removal of the existing waterproof sheath, transportation to the public landfill; laying the new waterproof sheath, reconstruction of the slab, supply, lay-down and filling of the new flooring.
  • As an alternative it is possible to build covering waterproof layers, made out of concrete-plastic composites (integrated within specific elastic bands at the joints and dilation joint level), then apply with a waterproof adhesive a new flooring, to be glued and filled again.
  • It is also possible to build thin polymer waterproof layers. Such a technique implies the application, on the washed and prepared surface, of polymeric elastic sheaths, radically changing the appearance and surface of the original flooring.

PROTECH BALCONY is a concentrated silicone-based resin and catalysed organic polymer solution, with low viscosity, conveyed in apolar solvents which determine its deep penetration. The described process leads to the formation of an internal waterproof barrier, widespread, non-pellicular, strongly waterproof, able to fill and seal porosity and micro-cracks, of up to 1 mm, without inhibiting the transpiration. PROTECH BALCONY revolutionizes the waterproofing concept of terraces and balconies. Its application is possible in short periods of time, and the treated surface can be normally used within a hour after the application The essential steps can be summarised as followed:

  1. Deep cleaning of the support

    Dilute the acid detergent DETERG–A by AZICHEM srl with a proportional water quantity to the impurities and concretion present on the surface to be cleaned (generally in the following ratio: one part DETERG-A and 4-5 parts of water). Pour the solution on the surface, distributing it well. Wait for 15 minutes for the acid foamy reaction. Wash with plenty of water.

  2. Fill the joints between tiles and skirting

    The above-mentioned, determines the appearance of surface irregularities such as cracks, absent grouting, damaged or missing joint fillings, etc. The mentioned irregularities should be renewed and thoroughly filled with the special waterproof plaster STUCCO BALCONY by AZICHEM srl. Pay the adequate attention at the skirt level, at the doorsteps and windows thresholds, at the presence of porosity, cracks and discontinuities have to be carefully restored with STUCCO BALCONY. Any additional movable joint should be sealed with the specific extrudible polyurethane sealer, with a high elastic module, PROTECH FLEX by AZICHEM srl.

  3. Laying the waterproof solution

    Pour PROTECH BALCONY by AZICHEM srl on the areas to be waterproofed, spreading it on the entire surface with a brush or a liquid-laying brush, repeating it on the leaks between tiles and the skirting. Let the product react for at least one hour before testing the surface flooding. Consumption will account between 80 and 150 g/m2. The described operations should be done after the new fillings harden, as in point 2.

  4. Removing excess material

    Once the intervention is completed, any residual traces of PROTECH BALCONY, eventually whitish coloured, can be removed with a cloth impregnated with gasoline or nitro solvent.

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