SYNTECH POLIUREA: waterproofing with elastomeric coatings with high elasticity

Code: S.0006

SYNTECH POLIUREA is a liquid, two-component and elastic membrane in pure, hot vaporised polyurea with the highest performance, for continuous polymer coating and waterproofing of a wide range of supports.

Products used

 SYNTECH POLIUREA is a two-component resin forming part of the continuous waterproofing range with Polyurethane Elastomers”. The polymerisation reaction is similar to that leading to the formation of polyurethanes. Obtained through polyaddition of an aliphatic or aromatic diisocyanate with a diamine, it is structurally characterised by the repetition of a RNH(CO)NHR' unit, basically a molecule of disubstituted urea.

POLYUREA, in general, has been used for over twenty years on the international market, for waterproofing, flooring, the protection of concrete, metal surfaces, fibreglass surfaces, containers for foodstuffs and drinking water, the protection and encapsulating of asbestos cement, for coatings in general in tanks and various containers, for its exceptional chemical, physical, mechanical and performance properties. 

Characterised by very high application flexibility (from 400 to 600%), SYNTECH POLIUREA is a product that immediately forms a reticular structure (3­10’’), even at low temperatures (up to ­15°C) and is available in two different formulations: SYNTECH POLIUREA SPRAY 400 (applicable on almost all types of supports) and SYNTECH POLIUREA SPRAY SPUR (specifically to restore waterproofing of old bituminous sheaths), both of an Aromatic nature. SYNTECH POLIUREA is applied as a spray with a thickness of no less than 2 mm (minimum consumption: 2.1 kg/m²) with particular airless bimixer, high pressure pumps (approx. 210 bar) that vaporise the hot product (approx. 70°C) on a wide range of materials (concrete, old bituminous sheaths, fine porcelain stoneware, ceramic, terracotta, tiles in reconstructed stone, wood, iron, sheet metal, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc..), also with complex geometries, on appropriate preparation of the support and laying of the specific primer SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER (for applications on metal surfaces, the special formulation SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER­METAL is used).

  • Encapsulating each type of support avoiding breaks
  • Continuity and modelling capacity of the coating
  • Application speed (rapid hardening: 3-10 sec.)    
  • Exceptional mechanical and chemical strength
  • Applicable on temperatures between -15°C and +70°C    
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Practically instantaneous performance    
  • Certified for contact with drinking water
  • Short interruption of working times in premises or surfaces 
  • Highest deformability (from 400% to 600%)
  • Crack bridging ability    
  • Slip-proof
  • Absence of joints and overlapping    
  • Solvent and odour free

The peculiar performance and resulting advantages of the coatings with a SYNTECH POLIUREA base ensure the ideal system for waterproofing, coating and protection of various types of structures, buildings and waterworks: Garages and multi-storey car parks; perimeter roofs; roof garden; roofs with photovoltaic systems; swimming pools; maintenance and renovation of old bituminous sheaths; waterproofing with demolishing terraces, walkways and balconies; perimeter walls in concrete underground with positive thrust; decks, bridges and viaducts, roads and rail; dams, canals and waterworks in general; buffering of cracked prefabricated works, coatings insulated with expanse polyurethane or thermo-insulating panels.


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