SYNTECH HAG: infiltration stoppage with hydro-reactive resins

Code: S.0008

SYNTECH HAG is an integrated system composed of polyurethane, hydro-expansive resins and specific injectors ideal for immediate stoppage of water infiltrations in buildings, through injection

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 WATER is a fairly serious problem, often unplanned or unexpected for the technician and builder. Water infiltration, deriving from significant changes in the phreatic layers, possible executive imprecision, accidental events and so on, can involve various materials such as concrete, walls with various compositions, rocky confinement layers, etc. The works which can be subject to these problems are, in turn, extremely heterogeneous: extensive civil and hydraulic works, industrial and civil buildings, specific environments such as cellars, garages, underground areas, lifts, etc. In any case, sightings of infiltrations and, in particular, their persistence over time, can cause significant economic damage: impracticability of the relevant areas, damage to working machinery, cars, furnishings, furniture and so on. The situations outlined lead to the unavoidable need for prompt and "immediate" solutions.

The polymerisation reaction is similar to that leading to the formation of polyurethanes. It has been used for the last twenty years, for waterproofing, flooring, concrete protection and encapsulating asbestos cement, metal surfaces, fibreglass surfaces, containers for water, for coatings in general in tanks and various containers. 


SYNTECH H.A.G. is an ideal material to fill and seal hairline cracks, cracks, crevices and cavities to end infiltration quickly and effectively. It is a hydrophilic polyurethane, hydro-expansive resin with low viscosity, supplied with a specific accelerant activator (mix B) to normally dose at 10% of the weight of the resin (mix A). 

It is easily injectable, using specific manual or electric pumps, using specific flathead injectors (or screw); 

Penetration is guaranteed thanks to the low viscosity, its hydrophilic and hydro-reactive components and its high capillary action. Penetrates and permeates crevices up to 0.2 mm wide; 

It is effectively reactive as, in contact with water or humidity, it increases from 8 to 20 times its initial volume (SYNTECH H.A.G. FLEX - SYNTECH H.A.G. ECO), through a reaction and vulcanisation process with the formation of thick foam (elastic or semi-rigid), with a cellular structure, that stops infiltration and hermetically seals the injected crack; 

It is compatible with all supports: concrete, natural stone, bricks, steel, laminates, cable coatings and polyurethane injection materials, possibly pre-existing; 

It is characterised by a very short reaction time with water of approximately 30" (*) which can be accelerated, where necessary, up to 15", increasing the dosage of component B (expansion accelerator).

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