'GROUT' products: reconstruction of block concrete with poured casts

Code: S.0009

Products cycle to repair concrete structures with cast mortar, with the "block" concrete technique, suitable for medium to large building sections.

Products used

In the event of serious degradation of reinforced concrete, for example in civil, industrial and infrastructural environments, etc. the repair of manufactured works and restoration of the original functionalities of the works are of fundamental importance. In these cases, however, the degraded sections and the "lacking" volumes can be ample enough to force in-depth reconstruction. In these cases, for example, it may not be enough to undertake "surface" reconstruction, making it necessary to carry out "block" intervention on the sections. In these types of intervention, the need often arises to reconstruct the original reinforcements of the manufactured piece, or add new ones, to restore the original structural functionalities of the work.

Cases such as these, therefore, involve interventions whose most effective and efficient method is to build an external formwork and proceed with reconstruction of the section by casting special, technical and industrial mortars with compensated shrinkage, with super-performance, having adequately cleaned the degraded surface, re-alkalinising the pre-existing wall surface, passivated the reinforcement irons exposed and oxidised and preparing any additional reinforcement.

The integrated solution we are presenting is a complete and reliable application cycle which has been in use for ten years now, for "block" restoration (with important volumetric reconstructions) of medium-high degraded manufactured works. It is a re-alkalinising solution (CONSILEX SAN), a cement slurry for passivation of old, rusty reinforcement irons (REPAR MONOSTEEL), a high performance, casting structural mortar with compensated shrinkage (GROUT 6), as well as a finishing cycle (if necessary) and painting to protect the reconstruction from carbonatation. The possible finish is created using special regularisation mortar REPAR SM and the protective painting cycle PROTECH WAC.


The repair of degraded, block concrete with products in this integrated solution, have in GROUT 6 its main component, allowing a brilliant resolution to the most critical solutions in the industrial and infrastructural manufactured works sectors. The numerous success cases confirm its full effectiveness and duration of the system.

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