CONSILEX MUFFA: definitively eliminates mould from walls

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Integrated, bioarchitectural system with an aqueous solutions base of quaternary ammonium salts, for the long lasting cleaning and removal of mould on walls.

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Biodeteriogen colonies (mould, moss, algae ,fungi, lichens, bacteria, etc.) are a serious problem for the durability of works and for the healthiness of buildings: they attack stone, consuming it to feed, they corrode products with their metabolic processes, damaging plaster, coatings, paint and frescoes causing them to detach and flake. They can cause annoying allergies and accidents and are often the cause of infiltrations in roofs, etc..

The colonies in question are considered biodeteriogens based on the aesthetic relevance they assume on the wall (in fact, the colonies are aggregated and tend to extend over time) and the health conditions which can lead to determination (the diffusion of spores can cause allergy related illnesses). 

The elimination of such colonies must take into consideration that violent and unknowledgeable mechanical actions (brushing, scraping, etc.) can diffuse the angiospores and the zygospores germinated in the fabric of the walls, which are currently not affected by the problem, without however enabling safe elimination of the hyphae of the mycelia that generally present deep proliferation of the fabric of the wall.

Also use of products capable of "poisoning" the colonies with zinc fluorosilicate based compounds are not recommended from the point of view of environmental hygiene as their effectiveness is debatable.

An integrated solution to the problem of mould

The treatments cycle of the "CONSILEX MUFFA" solution is an effective, selective ecologically compatible solution to eliminate biodeteriogen colonies. In fact, the cycle is composed of a first solution (CONSILEX MUFFA CLEANER) with high cleaning power, to drastically reduce biodeteriogen colonies, the deep disinfection of treated surfaces and cleaning of supports with scale due to the harmful action of the micro-organisms.

Having applied the first treatment, the system concludes by applying a second application of the treatment (CONSILEX MUFFA REMOVER) composed of particular active principles specifically designed to eliminate biodeteriogen colonies (mould, fungi, moss, algae, lichens, bacteria, etc.) from walls, in full compliance with ecological protocol, with particular reference to bioarchitectural works and the renovation of ancient and monumental buildings. CONSILEX MUFFA REMOVER, based on particular ammonium compounds in aqueous solution, is not harmful for the environment or the person applying it and is immediately biodegradable over 95%. It is usually used on cement supports, stone surfaces, manufactured works in asbestos cement, brick walls, mineral plaster, paint, etc.

The "CONSILEX MUFFA" treatment cycle has been successfully used since 1978. Over 100 million metres squared treated confirm the effectiveness and success.

CONSILEX MUFFA REMOVER: the ace up your sleeve

CONSILEX MUFFA REMOVER is what makes the entire Azichem mould removal cycle stand out from other systems currently on the market! It is a means of disinfection capable of eliminating colonies by inhibiting their reproductive cycle. With this procedure, the elimination of mould takes place by simply killing the organisms naturally which have reached the end of their lifecycle that characterises them, without having perpetuated the life of the biodeteriogen colony. The disinfestation time is normally 2-3 weeks approximately and very much depends on the size of the colony and the duration of the lifecycle of the specific organism.

CONSILEX MUFFA REMOVER works in full compliance with ecological protocol, bio-architecture indications and specifications on restoration and maintenance of ancient and monumental buildings. The action of this product, without being aggressive on the application supports, is extremely selective: it destroys biodeteriogen colonies, in particular mould, without damaging the surrounding vegetation.

CONSILEX MUFFA is useful on wall surfaces and coatings. In both cases, the peculiarity of the actions are distinguished: the production, other than inhibiting the reproductive cycle of spores and hyphae responsible for the proliferation of bacterial colonies and mould, in the space of 2-3 weeks will physically remove these colonies, without requiring any mechanical intervention which, as you know, leads to the risk of diffused angiospores and zygospores germinating in the fabric of the walls and coatings not currently affected by the problem.

Identification of "enemies"

Moulds, fungi, plant organisms free of chlorophyll can therefore also develop in the absence of light and in a heated environment between 0 and 70°C,preferring levels around 30°C and with high rates of humidity. To colonise, they require calcium carbonate. With a deep filament structure (hyphae) they attack the fabric of the manufactured work.

Algae: cellular organisms, plants, with a deep blackish colour. To colonise, they need water, light CO2 and calcium carbonate, therefore by retaining water they stabilise in a damp environment. They feed off the structural fabric, causing solubilisation with dejections. Ascomycetes attack the walls, basidiomycota attack wood.

Lichens: a symbiotic organisation, often greenish in colour, between algae and fungi, assimilating the characteristics of each organism. Metabolism and behaviour are comparable to those typical of algae. Despite being highly sensitive to atmospheric pollution, they are known as efficient environmental indicators.

Yeast: variety of monocellular fungi characterised by atypical mycelia capable of multiplying by fermentation, fission and/or combination. They mainly act on paint, both in tins and applied, forming gas, stains, etc.

Bacteria: present everywhere, they are chlorophyll free. They prefer high humidity rates and moderately alkaline environments, with particular reference to paint, both during the liquid and applied phase which, in certain cases, can represent an ideal growth environment.

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