CONSILEX INJECT MAUER: stops rising damp with

Code: S.0010

Definitive solution to the problem of damp in walls thanks to a complete kit of products to treat walls subject to the phenomenon of rising damp.

Products used

The rising damp process determines when water is present in the ground, near walls and foundation structures, penetrating walls, impregnating them and then proceeding upwards through the surface and capillary tensions, overcoming the force of gravity. As long as this can occur, the essential conditions represented by the presence of water and "capillary weaving" of the walls must be verified (the bodies and/or shells of the walls must be composed of porous materials, but not micro-porous ones. A wall with rubble masonry certainly cannot develop rising damp; on the contrary, a wall with compact, non-porous materials can have rising damp through the mortar bed. Basically,  rising damp occurs anywhere there is building material, in environments with the presence of water (such as foundations in the presence of humidity in the soil or groundwater), whose porosity means the material itself absorbs the water present and causes it to rise until it is expelled at a considerably higher height.

The solution to these phenomena exists and is composed of a system of powerful siloxane based resins in aqueous solution (CONSILEX INJECT MAUER) which, injected with the "slow diffusion" technique at the base of the wall, create a continuous and impenetrable barrier to the passage of water and humidity. It's a convenient, effective and definitive solution to the problem! 

The chemical barrier technique particularly combines very well with the subsequent application of macro-porous, dehumidifying and renewing plaster, created with hydraulic lime and other natural products, such as SANATIGH or CALEOSANA, to totally sanitise walls of residual humidity, for considerable comfort in the home.

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