Terms and conditions of sale

  1. Products sold ex-works from our warehouse in Goito (MN) or by freight collect travel at the buyer’s sole risk and peril, who accepts all risks from the time the products are handed over for delivery to the carrier.
  2. The buyer must process payments c/o Azichem (place of invoice issue); payments will accrue default interest as required by law for every day of delay from the day after the invoice due-date.
  3. Azichem S.r.l. retains title of the goods supplied until the buyer processes full payment of the invoice, even in the event that the buyer should transfer the products to a third party.
  4. The buyer is responsible for checking the integrity of the package, and that the products included in the supply conform with the order and are fit for use, upon delivery. Any non-conformities must be reported by registered mail with return receipt before using the products, and in any case, no later than 8 (eight) days from the date of delivery. If the products are found to have unnoticeable (concealed) flaws, the above term will start from the date in which the buyer identifies such flaws (in any case, the term shall not exceed 3 months from delivery). Azichem’s liability is understood henceforth to be limited to sole replacement of the goods or, at its discretion, to a product recall at its expense and refund to the buyer of any payments received hitherto. Any other liability of the manufacturer or buyer’s right to compensation for damages or to charge penalties to Azichem, therefore, is excluded. Uncovered flaws, however, do not entitle the buyer to suspend or delay payments, whether they refer to the disputed supply or other orders.
  5. Our price quotes do not entail any sort of commitment outside the scope of these terms & conditions of sale, except for what explicitly stated in the bids. Any other form of customer service, whether verbal or oral, offered and/or granted by Azichem S.r.l. and involving product use, does not exempt the buyer of its responsibility with regard to these terms and conditions.
  6. Azichem's obligations cease upon delivery of the ordered products to the buyer and are understood as fulfilled on that date.
  7. The buyer agrees to collect the products ordered within 7 (seven) business days from the date of delivery stated in the order; if the buyer fails to comply with this deadline, Azichem will be entitled to issue valid invoice and demand payment.
  8. The estimated date of delivery is purely indicative and without prejudice to any acts of God or arising circumstances that do not depend on Azichem’s will. Azichem’s failure to supply the products within the 7-business day term will entitle the buyer to terminate the agreement and cancel the order, and to receive a refund of any amounts paid hitherto in advance. The buyer will not be entitled to receive compensation for any damages or the payment of fines.
  9. The delivery terms for marketed and/or imported products are understood as indicative and in any case, are subject to actual availability in stock from third suppliers and in our warehouses.
  10. The buyer is expected to store and preserve delivered goods in accordance with the instructions provided on the packages and/or our data sheets.
  11. In the absence of written confirmation as acceptance, the buyer’s collection of the goods supplied will count automatically as stipulation of a binding agreement with the manufacturer at the terms stated herein.
  12. Any disputes between Azichem and the buyer will be governed by Italian law, and the Court of Mantua shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle such disputes.

Data Sheet contents

The information and data on the characteristics and technical specifications of the product shall be binding insofar as they are expressly referred to in the agreement. Azichem reserves the right to make changes to the products that (without altering their essential features) it should deem it appropriate. Due to the extreme variability of applications and conditions of use, the information at any rate is understood as indicative; the buyer, therefore, is required to personally test the products in advance, in order to ensure they are suitable for the intended use.


Products on display

  • Grout Power
  • Opus Dry
  • Floortech Prerit
  • Readymesh