AZICHEM SRL is a highly specialist company, certified according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and constantly committed to the research and development of innovative technologies and products for specialist building and green building. Azichem has been producing and selling its formulated products since 1987.

The great passion for work and human relations, constant innovation, immense professionalism and attention to detail now make it one of the leading companies in the specialist building products sector, both national and international. Over the years, Azichem has always set and qualified its work on the basis of solid and long-lasting relations with clients and suppliers, placing importance not only on simple product sales, but also on problem-solving and an exceptional pre and after sales service.

To date, the Azichem pricelist includes over 250 items that cover endless needs for building renovations, historical-monumental renovations, waterproofing of new and existing structures, infiltrations stops, dehumidification, home improvements, renovation and consolidation of civil and industrial building structures, additive fibres and additives for concrete, technical grout for industrial anchorage and much more!

This is why Azichem is now among the leading Italian manufacturers of specialist materials and innovative technologies in the building and green building sectors.

The company website thanks to its ease of use and navigation and for the immediate search for an infinite number of information all at "click" without any need for registration and no password limitation, is an incredibly effective tool for the entire company: its sales network, fiduciary distributors, various sector professionals and ordinary people.

In addition to this, to better "deepen knowledge", other "12 thematic Internet sites" have also been designed and created, which extensively describe Azichem's most representative products and technologies.

  • 2020 - Many initiatives even in full COVID19 pandemic

    The year 2020 will be remembered by all as the year of the COVID19 pandemic, which suddenly and inadvertently exploded, rapidly branching out around the world and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Despite the enormous difficulties, both work and economic, that accompanied this dark year, Azichem did not have a moment of pause both in terms of its production and distribution activity and in the continuous and incessant development of its presence on the web. In this period, we have completed our gigantic project of the "Constellation of the Wolf", that is the creation of 12 thematic sites that collectively group all our production making it as usable as possible. Visit the relevant section.

  • 2018 - Azichem.Network Launch

    In the wake of our thirtieth birthday, we felt it was important to involve all the agents, dealers, specialised installers and approved dealers who have been the protagonists of the corporate history of Azichem. We have therefore welcomed the Azichem Network, a portal that unites all the collaborators and professional realities that have accompanied us and will continue to accompany us on this long journey. The force of the Network, available at the address is all here: in the ability to create "horizontal" value, without protagonism or hierarchy. Starting from this same reflection, we have used the birth of the portal and the experience of our thirty years of history to begin to constantly relaunch different interesting contents on our Facebook channel, with a view to continue "networking" for a long time to come.

  • 2017 - Azichem turns 30!

    2017 is a special year in Azichem's home ... in addition to the celebrations on the 10th of March, the 30th birthday of the foundation has in fact given way to the launch of the new modern logo, which will replace the historical concept conceived in the far of 1987. In 2017 Moreover, Azichem has completed the wonderful restyling work of its online presence, with the complete re-design of all 9 thematic websites.

  • 2014 - Launch of the new portal

    After 9 years of honoured service, the website, which was launched in 2005, was discharged with a medal of honour! Now, the time was right to refresh Azichem online, with the launch of its successor: The new portal, with completely new graphics, content and internal structure, focuses on being a reference and incredibly efficient tool for all of Azichem, its sales network and sector professionals. Intuitive, easy and fast to browse, the new website was designed with the latest technologies to give the user a pleasant and gratifying browsing experience.

  • 2013 - New international collaborations began

    After opening business in Romania at the end of the Nineties, Azichem's efforts were mainly focused on developing internal market positions and enhancing the products portfolio. 2013 signalled an upturn in international business, with interesting business collaborations beginning in various countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Morocco, Turkey, etc.

  • 2010 - Presentation of the website specifically for concrete fibres

    Mid 2010 Azichem's decades of experience in technological and application research on reinforcement fibres of cement conglomerates was made available to the public with the online publication of a specific internet website ( In May 2014 the website was then refreshed with the launch of

  • 2008 - CE marking completion on the main products

    Adaptation of quality control and production procedures in compliance with the new standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. At the same time, the acquisition of the CE marking process concluded for the main products in the Azichem catalogue

  • 2007 - AZICHEM celebrated 20 years of business and innovation

    After 2006, the year we celebrated 50 years of Pattarini Group, of which Azichem was part, 2007 saw Azichem achieve 20 years in business. These anniversaries are a direct testament of the seriousness and professionalism of the group.

  • 2005 - The online portal was launched

    Azichem inaugurated the portal, going online and making available an important and "continuous" technological reference for special building materials. The new portal, also thanks to the tools such as questions and answers, the technical glossary, memoflash, etc., quickly achieved truly remarkable visibility with thousands of individual visitors per month!

  • 2002 - UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification

    Azichem achieved MOODY International certification for factory production control, according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

  • 2001 - Azichem launches its first corporate website

    Azichem enters the web by inaugurating its new website, putting online and available to everyone an important reference for the continuous technological divulgation of special materials for building and sustainable construction.

  • 1998 - The first collaborations outside Italy began

    Eight years after Causescu's death, thanks to Aldo Favretto's entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit, active collaboration began with the company Co.Fa. in Pitesti (Romania) for the local production of the most important powder formulates in the Azichem catalogue, as well as the importation of accessory and complementary materials for the global distribution of our business. To date, Co.Fa. and Azichem continue to collaborate and respectively expand their market shares.

  • 1994 - SANAGEB: special products for green building

    Azichem S.r.l. presented SANAGEB, an original and complete line for special green building products, intended to quickly gain ground and become a trend in the specific market. For the first time in Italy, a company producing building products mentions products with a natural base, environmental wholesomeness, household wellbeing, etc. anticipating the general market trend by at least ten years.

  • 1990 - Introduction of premixed building products

    From the very beginning, Az Service, the contractor company for the construction of industrial flooring became increasingly marginal due to its specialist materials and accessories. The owner of Az Service therefore decided to shift the focus of its core business from a services company to a production and distribution company of specialist materials, changing its name from Az Service to Azichem. This was the year the partners became 3 with the entrance of Engineer Edoardo Mocco, a formulator with vast experience and historic Technical Director of Azichem for years to come.

  • 1987 - Year established

    The two founding partners of the current Azichem, Giuseppe Pattarini and Enrico Gadioli, founded the company Az Service S.r.l., mainly to build industrial flooring in concrete and resin, to market bentonite water-proofing and hydro-expansive rubber products and additives for floors, including polypropylene fibres and steel fibres (the ReadyMesh brand was founded at this time).

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